Have you been thinking about getting a mullet haircut?


While last year has been a challenging year for many, one thing that has remained constant is the emergence of new beauty trends. From 90s nostalgia to the Boy Band Bob, beauty enthusiasts have seen it all.

In 2022, there are many more exciting beauty trends in the works. From bold and bright colors to the return of nail art, beauty enthusiasts got a deep dive into what's coming.

Purple haze is back

Probably the most significant color present in the coming year is purple. According to WGSN and Pantone, the trend will be influenced by the combination of a soft blue/purple shade and violet-red undertones.

Bold scents are coming

In 2022, many will see the return of more bold and more prominent scents, with notes of intense decadence and glamour. John Lewis saw a 24 percent rise in perfume sales, led by the triple-digit growth of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau De Parfum. Other top-selling scents were Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia and L'Interdit Rouge.

Stick-on makeup

The rise of stick-on and face stickers was apparent, and in 2022 you will see a whole new trend level. Aside from eye shadow, the trend will also include crystal eye makeup and rhinestone pedicures.


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Dramatic hair cut

Many people mark the end of a bad relationship or celebrate a new job with a dramatic haircut. Emma Watson had her hair cut into a pixie cut following the end of Harry Potter, while Rihanna used her hair as the inspiration for her album cover.

Pinterest has also noted that in 2022, people are planning on having a salon appointment from the increasing searches on mullet haircuts. For instance, searches for shaved head dye designs have increased by more than 120 percent compared to 2021.

Nail art

Nail art enthusiasts will see a return of the art of landscape painting, which will bring a sense of calm and comfort to their fingertips. Searches for some categories of landscape nail arts have increased tremendously. For instance, desert nails spiked to 105 percent, while galaxy nails peaked at 115 percent.

Beauty snacks

WGSN identified the rise of beauty snacking as one of the key trends in the coming year. The idea of caring for oneself and creating moments of pleasure is already established and will only keep getting stronger.

Gender-neutral products

The rise of the gender-neutral movement has helped create an inclusive environment for people from all walks of life. As a brand, many beauty products are also evolving and diversifying their product strategies to accommodate the varying needs of their customers.

Personalized skincare

The demand for products customized to the skin type has been growing. Personalized skincare demand is evidenced by the number of people looking for products specifically built for their skin.

For personalized skincare, the customer has to provide their skin type and concerns, and the brand will then formulate a product that fits their needs. We believe this trend will last for a bit longer as consumers are looking for a product that works for them.


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Artificial Intelligence

Soon, AI-powered tools will allow consumers to try makeup and skincare in a digital environment. This will help improve the sales conversion rate and make the digital shopping experience more seamless.

DIY products

Due to the pandemic, some people resorted to "playing" with their hair as a distraction, which led to an increase in DIY care. This trend is beneficial for the consumers as they have more time to take care of themselves.

Moreover, the internet is flooded with tutorials and tips on how to get rid of dead skin cells. Plenty of people, from celebrities to bloggers, share their favorite kitchen ingredient masks.





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