Dishes from around the world that are ready to shake your tongue.


Good food is a good mood, but which foods are labeling as the best foods in the world? Good news, rendang is claimed to be one of the world's most delicious foods again, congrats! So here is the list of other flavors from around the world for you to explore.

Massaman curry, Thailand

It places in the first rank of the best foods CNN version. Sweet, spicy, savory, it's truly multi-tastes cuisine. No wonder, they claim this as a king of curry in the world.

Neapolitan pizza, Italy

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Everyone knows pizza, but Neapolitan pizza successfully became the 2nd best food in the world due to its simplicity. It is made with pizza dough, adding tomato, olive oil, salt, basil leaf, and cheese. 

Chocolate, Mexico

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Everyone loves chocolate, and we even have World Chocolate Day on 7th July to celebrate the joyful feelings if we beat this sweetness. Chocolate caused the release of endorphins in women's brains, making them feel happy.

Sushi, Japan

Whether you are using chopsticks, or your hands for nigiri sushi, eating it is alone is entertaining. Dipping your sushi in the soy sauce (shoyu), adding the wasabi, picking out your favorite items, everything you do makes eating sushi fun.

Peking duck, Mainland China

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Peking duck is a famous duck dish from Beijing that has been prepared since the Imperial era. The meat is prized for its thin, crisp skin, with authentic versions of the dish serving mostly the skin and little meat, sliced in front of the diners by the cook.

Hamburger, Germany

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Burgers are the ideal dish. The price/quality ratio is wonderful, the fat content is easy to control, and they cook quickly and easily. They can be made from a variety of meats and spices. They can be kept in the freezer in convenient packages.

Penang assam laksa, Malaysia

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If you’ve ever been to Penang, you most definitely have tried out our version of Assam Laksa. It’s a bowl of thick wheat noodles that comes loaded with ‘poached, flaked mackerel, tamarind, chili, mint, lemongrass, onion, and pineapple’.

Tom yum goong, Thailand

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Like other soups, Tom Yum Goong is a nutritious dish as it uses a variety of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices. Many of the ingredients can help to improve blood circulation and boost the immune system. It is also a great choice for people on the diet as it has very low calories.

Ice cream, global

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