South Jakarta's Vibrant Cafe Scene: A Haven for Productivity and Pleasure


South Jakarta, renowned for its trendy urban lifestyle, is now a hub for those seeking a different atmosphere from the monotonous work-from-home routine. The aesthetic cafes in this area offer a comfortable space for both casual hangouts and remote work. Here are five work-from-cafe spots in South Jakarta that are both cozy and conducive to productivity.

1. Ruma Coffeatery - Kemang

Ruma Coffearery in Kemang exudes a homey ambiance with warm wooden accents, welcoming every visitor. Enjoy specialty single-origin coffee while focusing in the serene indoor area or basking in the fresh air on the charming outdoor terrace. Facilities such as fast Wi-Fi, power outlets, and the cozy cafe atmosphere ensure smooth workflow. Don't forget to try their refreshing signature dishes that are sure to leave you craving for more!

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2. Arkanine Coffee and Meals - Pejaten Barat

For enthusiasts of minimalist industrial vibes, Arkanine Coffee and Meals in Pejaten Barat is a must-visit. Natural light streaming into the space creates an invigorating atmosphere. With an open kitchen concept and a trendy co-working area, this spot is ideal for tackling tasks. Satisfy your taste buds with their delicious and affordable menu options.

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3. Kopi Bajawa Flores NTT – Kemang

Looking for a work-from-cafe experience with an Indonesian cultural touch? Kopi Bajawa Flores NTT has you covered! Enjoy traditional processed Flores coffee through methods like "tubruk" or syphon, surrounded by the cozy Flores ambiance. The spacious indoor and outdoor areas are suitable for solo work or group collaboration. Don't miss out on their best-selling dishes like Bajawa Rice and Nana Nona Manis.

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4. Kopi Slash Tea – Cipete

If you appreciate chic industrial style, Kopi Slash Tea is the perfect fit for you! This cafe boasts modern and minimalist interiors, offering a variety of delicious food and drinks. Their diverse coffee and tea menu will accompany your work-from-home sessions seamlessly. Give their creamy and relaxing Matcha Latte a try.

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5. Teru - Jl. Barito

Minimalistic, modern, and Instagram-worthy! That's the first impression you'll get at Teru. Warm sunlight and simple interior design create a clear and focused mindset. Long tables and numerous power outlets make collaborative work with colleagues easy. Unique coffee and non-coffee menu items are a must-try, providing a refreshing break during your work fatigue.

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