Not all apps are created equal. Researching what's best for your productivity is important. Check out this list of apps that could give you the idea


It's common knowledge that productivity apps are bound to make your life easier. What they offer is to take something a little sucky to make it better or easier. 

Many productivity apps take the job you would have done manually, from placing orders to scheduling appointments, with a press of a button. Applications certainly have the ability to cut down the process of time spent. 

The S Media looks at apps that you can use both professionally and collaboratively. We include apps that are best suited for office use such as project management apps, to-do list apps, note-taking apps, and many more. Check this list!

Trello is focused on the project management application. It has a whole visual layout that is simple. From Trello, it is made possible to manage a team of workers remotely. From the platform, you can organize and assign several tags specifically to a member. Additionally, labeling is available in the platform to be added to each card. For example, cards could be labeled as 'to-do', 'on-going', and 'done' to the projects. 

Communication is the key to every relationship in a successful company. Slack facilitates its users with communication in an easy-to-use platform and tech-friendly requirement. It also provides multiple channels for the use of organizing conversations in a message-forum format. The app allows the users to direct message the members, video call, and file share without the hassle of opening emails. Additionally, Slack also has notification and archiving capabilities. 

While everyone needs to take notes, here is where Evernote comes in handy. With Evernote, it is one of the solutions to remind yourself about an important task. Or, perhaps you are attending a meeting or need to be somewhere at a specific time, Evernote facilitates all of those to ease your life. 

Evernote is a mobile app. It is a note application that allows you to create and save notes, images, audio clips, videos, PDF files, and to-do-list on your smartphone. Additionally, it also allows recording voice reminders or discussions from business meetings. 

As the name suggests, Todoist is a to-do-list application available on all devices, your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and even sync to a smartwatch. Todoist provides the efficiency of ticking off completed task and tracking your progress with productivity visualization. 

The platform calls itself an "all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases". Notion provides the ability for its users to write, plan, collaborate, get organized, and beyond. Additionally, Notion is like a space for a to-do-list app, but with more facility of adding links and images inside it, as well as bookmarks. Notion has the advantage of providing you with a CRM template.

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