Return on investment (ROI) does not necessarily need to always be about money, but it can also involve other aspects of life.


When it comes to investing money, it is perhaps easier to think with many offers provided out there. Especially to the youth who are responsible for the continuity of the parents’ company or the youth who are more exposed to digital investment like the NFT, there is one simple formula for a positive return on monetary investment. But what about life?

When it comes to investing our time, it is irreversible, unless a time machine is created in the future. The countless waking hours devoted to our business, careers, and education could be time-consuming.

However, what do we really want from it all? Most of us overall just want to be happy. Furthermore, to be happy overall requires us to look at the individual elements that might contribute to being happy itself.

This measures how you are feeling spiritually. It does not matter what religious beliefs you believe in. There is another reason why people often seek alignment with a higher power. One of the reasons that are believed is because people feel better about everything else in life when they feel spiritually centered.

You can be your own worst enemy when it comes to the mind. The mind comes with expectations and attachments, which can end with disappointment. However, if you choose to invest in this, then it could be activities like education, daily reading, meditation practice, and other activities that relief the mind and become healthier.

Obviously, this is a form of physical investment. It could be feeding yourself with the best foods, drinking enough water, sleeping well, and keeping the stress level low.

Some consider this as a blessing as not all people can experience this. In family, this is a matter of setting aside your time to be with them, which people nowadays have a hard time doing with more pressure and demand for life survival. For that reason, in this type of investment, there is also commitment required.

Artistic expression
All humans are believed to have innate artistic abilities. The key to this lies in whether we believe it or not. Not all people can play music or paint very well, but human brains are built to have their artistic site no matter which area. For example, the ability to solve problems is also part of your creativity. It could be honed through the realization and believing in yourself.

Service to others
Some people feel great joy when they focus on being of service to others. One of the important measures of personal ROI, this area will get better over time if you have yet to get used to it.

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