Art Jakarta Gardens is back to enliven the art scene to mark the start of 2023.


This year Art Jakarta Gardens returns to Hutan Kota by Plataran, Jakarta, on February 7–12, 2023, having been held for the first time last year. Responding to the requirements of the times, Art Jakarta Gardens’s inaugural edition was a fresh and innovative concept in the form of an open-air art exhibition at Hutan Kota. With positive responses from artists, collectors, and other stakeholders of the art ecosystem, Art Jakarta Gardens is back to enliven the art scene to mark the start of 2023.

The Fair Director Tom Tandio says, “It is an honour that Art Jakarta Gardens receives heartwarming support to be able to start its own journey apart from the annual flagship Art Jakarta. Working with galleries and artists to present their best is always an exciting collaboration. We hope that this unique experience can lead to more attention to art presentation in the public spaces of the city.”

Art Jakarta Gardens’ Artistic Director, Enin Supriyanto, adds, “We didn’t expect that last year’s Art Jakarta Gardens received such positive responses from art galleries, artists, collectors, and visitors in general. An outdoor art event, such as at Hutan Kota by Plataran, does provide a different atmosphere for visitors. Meanwhile, putting sculptures or installations in a garden environment can genuinely highlight the strengths of these works. We hope that Art Jakarta Gardens can become an inspiration so that many artworks can appear in Jakarta’s public spaces in the future.”

Art Jakarta Gardens will be opened on Tuesday, 7 February 2023. This year Art Jakarta Gardens is supported by our Lead Partner, Bibit. Olivia Budiono, Product Marketing Lead of Bibit says, “We believe that everyone deserves a fair opportunity to pursue their financial goals. Through our platform, Bibit is committed to empowering individuals to create the lives they desire and a better future. This year, together with Art Jakarta Gardens, Bibit is excited to show how art, just as Bibit, can empower everyone to achieve these goals.”

This year, a second collaboration with Plataran is continuing after the success of the inaugural Art Jakarta Gardens at Hutan Kota. Yozua Makes, the CEO and founder of Plataran, says, “I truly appreciate the presence of one of the biggest art exhibitions in Indonesia, Art Jakarta Gardens, for the second time at Hutan Kota by Plataran. With its open area and forest theme in the heart of Jakarta, this venue is perfect for a collaboration with Art Jakarta Gardens, which carries a fresh, innovative, and open concept. I thank the artists who come up with innovations that can revitalise art in Indonesia, and I hope that this will continue for years to come.”

The first day of Art Jakarta Gardens will be opened for VIP guests only while the general public can visit the exhibition starting on Wednesday, 8 February 2023. Throughout the exhibition, visitors can explore a combination of outdoor and indoor presentations of artworks in the form of sculptures, installations, and two- dimensional objects. A designated section called the Sculpture Garden, will feature outdoor sculptures by artists such as Adi Gunawan, Ashley Bickerton, Gregorius Papadimitriou, Nyoman Nuarta, Richard Winkler, and Yim Yen Sum. The plinths provided by TACO, made from quality PVC and HPL, are able to withstand all forms of weather. Meanwhile, the indoor exhibition area will consist of two bespoke tents to cater to 22 prominent galleries.

In a presentation by Bibit, FX Harsono, a Blitar-born internationally acclaimed artist, will be one of the highlights this year with his installation work, The Light of Journey, which will be placed in a specially designed space by this/PLAY. The studio Digital Nativ, which expertly combines art, craftsmanship, and technology, will present Aquifer, supported by iForte, in a bid to call for attention to Jakarta’s groundwater. Next, Gaspack, a web 3.0 company, will collaborate with the artist Abenk Alter for a thrilling NFT activation. Another collaboration, between Kandura Studio and Of Animo, will organise workshops for visitors. Meanwhile, Casion, a charging and switching network for electrical mobility, will display exquisite charging stations designed by the artists Naufal Abshar, Karafuru, Tutugraff, and Rizal Hasan.

Furthermore, Art Jakarta Gardens will also stage performance art which will be presented by artists from the network Wof performance art and experimental sound art. In a happening entitled Intraplay, the artists Dimas E. Prasinggih, Ishvara Devati, Kurt Peterson, Aldo Ahmad, Jason Noghani, Monica Hapsari, and Orcy World (Gilang Anom M.M.) will respond to Hutan Kota’s space and Art Jakarta Gardens’ environment, taking inspiration from the spirit of the free structure of
their predecessors.

A new addition to our programme this year are special music shows presented
by Sofar Sounds Jakarta, with the support of Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation, which consistently contributes to the performing arts ecosystem. Sofar Sounds Jakarta is part of a platform that reimagines live events through curated, secret performances in intimate settings in more than 350 cities around the world. In Art Jakarta Gardens, Sofar Sounds Jakarta will present an excellent lineup which will be revealed at the Fair.
With this, Art Jakarta Gardens is ready to embark on a new phase of the art journey of Indonesia 2023. See you at Hutan Kota!

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