Do these things to make sure your cinematic experience is both safe and enjoyable.


Since mid-September 2021, cinema networks in several Indonesian regions have been allowed to restart operations after months of downtime. This news may come as a breath of fresh air to those of you who enjoy watching movies on the big screen.

Amid a pandemic, sitting in a dark cinema for a few hours to watch a movie would feel a little scary. However, there is no need to be concerned if you continue to follow strict health protocols.

Christopher Sulmonte, a project administrator at Johns Hopkins Medicine's Biocontainment Unit, confirmed this. Indoor activities, such as watching movies at the cinema, are, in his opinion, safe. However, this is only accurate if you've been vaccinated and maintain social distance.

The reason for this is that moviegoers in theaters will only sit facing the screen. Unlike when participating in sports, no one faces one other, and no one is breathing heavily.

So, we will share some tips on how to be safe when watching movies in theaters. Do these things to make sure your cinematic experience is both safe and enjoyable.


1. Use a safe and comfortable mask

Wearing masks
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First and foremost, you must wear a mask that is completely safe while also allows you to breathe comfortably for an extended time. You can use a mask with a high level of efficacy—for instance, KN95 masks, surgical masks, or disposable masks with a fabric covering.

Also, while watching in the studio, make sure you’re always wearing a mask. To keep yourself and other moviegoers safe, don't even take off your mask.


2. Check the Covid-19 spread rate in the area

Then there's the issue of Covid-19's spread rate around the cinema you're going to. If the surrounding area remains a red zone or is unsafe, you should postpone your plans or seek another cinema in a more secure location.


3. Maintain a safe distance.

In each of its studios, the cinema has implemented a 50 percent maximum capacity limit. The studio seats are also set at a distance of one seat from each other, ensuring that a safe distance is maintained. So don't try to switch seats only to be near your partner or friend. Simply follow the regulations as strictly as possible to keep everyone safe.

Other than that, maintain a safe distance when entering and exiting the studio. There's no need to jostle as before. Your seat is not going anywhere.


4. Don’t bring your kids

Unvaccinated children under the age of 12 are still not permitted in public places, including movie theaters. So, for the time being, don't take your kids to the movies.


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5. Bring hand sanitizer

It is inevitable that while in a public location, you will come into contact with some objects or areas that have been touched by other people. So it would help if you keep hand sanitizer on you at all times. Hand sanitizer should be used every time you touch something.

Remember to wash your hands frequently whenever you have the opportunity. Don't rely on hand sanitizer too much.


6. Purchase your tickets online

Purchasing tickets online not only makes it easier but also reduces the chances of human interaction. You can also reduce the possibility of spreading the infection through items or touches during the transaction.

You won't have to wait in line at the ticket booth and be able to go straight into the studio. It’s comfortable, especially now that all cinema chains have given user-friendly apps and digital payment systems.


7. Avoid eating, drinking, or talking in the cinema area

you might be able to eat and drink whatever you wanted in the studios before the pandemic. But you’ll have to wait a little longer now to eat your favorite cinema popcorn or nachos. Until now, viewers were not permitted to eat or drink in the cinema area.

You should also avoid talking while watching a movie. It has the potential to release droplets, which could contribute to virus transmission. That, on a side note, is true, because you need to remove a mask to eat, drink, or speak clearly. Of course, this is a bad move at this point.


Cinema popcorn
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8. Use closed clothing

Next, you can wear closed clothing like a hoodie, long pants, or a long-sleeved t-shirt. Don't forget to wear socks and proper shoes. It’s to keep objects and public areas from touching directly to your skin.

You could wash any clothes you wore earlier that might came into direct contact with public chairs or other people's bodies as soon as you’re home. Covered clothing is also very helpful for those of you who have cold air allergies. Studios are usually quite cold, and it can trigger people with allergies to sneeze and make other moviegoers uncomfortable.


9. Use the Peduli Lindungi app

All visitors and staff must be screened using the Peduli Lindungi application in public spaces, including theatres. Only those who have had a Covid-19 vaccination are permitted to enter. So make sure you have the Peduli Lindungi app installed on your phone.

Make sure that your status is in the green category. Only those with a green status are allowed to visit public venues such as malls and movie theaters. To find out, go to the account information area, then to the vaccination status section, and then the Covid-19 test results. It will be listed whether your status is green or not.

Those were some tips for watching movies during a pandemic that you should keep in mind. We do hope you have a good time watching movies on a big screen after such a long time and that you stay safe.

Most importantly, if you are sick, you should avoid going to the movies. Take care of your own and others' health.


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