The latest Longines Legend Diver comes in two colors representing the sea and land.


Many vintage watch models have become the target of collectors lately. Timeless designs for all occasions keep vintage watches an inspiration.

This is also what Longines feels about bringing back his vintage watch line through the Legend Diver model. This dive-only watch is inspired by the 1959 Diver Super Compressor.

Back in 1959, Longines developed a 42 mm dive watch with a crown-operated rotating inner disc under the crystal instead of an external bezel like other dive watches at the time. The idea was to ensure that the crucial timing component could not be damaged by an outside environment. At the same time, the diver went about his activities.


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This watch has exciting details and comes with two colour choices: dark blue and brown; the stainless shell used is 42 millimeters in size. Previously, the Legend Diver only had an elegant black dial. Hence, the presence of these two colours refreshes the Longines diving watch series. Behind it is a sculpture of a diver carrying a spear, indicating the ability of this watch when used underwater.

In addition to using a stainless shell, the Longines Legend Diver also has long, tapered lugs and a polished bezel. There are two large crowns or rotating knobs with a crosshatch pattern on the right side of the shell. The glass is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, guaranteed to provide protection even in extreme conditions.

Suppose you often see diver's watches that usually come in large and thick sizes. In that case, Legend Diver actually chooses an elegant and luxurious-looking approach.  According to the information on the back case, this watch can be used to dive to a depth of 30 bar or 300 meters.

Some of the details retained from the old model are the basic design of the dial, the wide rotating bezel, the lance-shaped hour hand and the bold index stencil font. The use of Swiss Super-LumiNova for fluorescent paint helps see the clock even in the dark.


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The use of dark blue makes the character different and striking in the latest Legend Diver. Longines takes the deep-sea feel by gradually darkening the hue around the edges of the watch.

Longines Legend Diver uses an automatic machine with an L888 caliber. This machine features a self-winding mechanical movement that vibrates 25,200 times per hour and has a power reserve of 72 hours.

Longines provides a selection of leather straps, fabrics and chains to choose from according to consumer needs. Longines fans only need to provide around Rp 35.5 million to get this latest Legend Diver watch.



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