Coldplay Embarks on Epic Global Journey: A Look at the Band's Extensive Tour Schedule, From Singapore's Roaring Crowds to Iconic Venues Across Europe, Asia, and Australia.


The renowned British band, Coldplay, kicked off their first-ever concert in Singapore on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, at the National Stadium Singapore. The six-day musical extravaganza, spanning from January 23 to 27, 2024, saw thousands of fans gathered to witness the iconic group's performance.

A snippet of Coldplay's concert quickly went viral on TikTok, flooding users' feeds with electrifying moments. The TikTok account @hackjalanjajan shared a lively atmosphere, capturing the essence of the event. However, behind the scenes of Coldplay's energetic performance, there were some twists and turns for concertgoers.

According to the same source, the account shared post-concert moments. Initially, the exit area was still crowded but manageable. One concert attendee expressed their joy at having just witnessed the show. However, as they descended from the stadium, the crowd began to swell. Many were heading towards Stadium MRT, creating a bustling scene on the streets. At 10:52 PM local time, it was revealed that there was an alternative route leading to the MRT, resulting in a lively atmosphere on the streets.

Netizens echoed the sentiment, praising Singapore for its impeccable organization and safe transportation. "Always happy to use public transportation in SG, safe and tidy," one user commented. Another added, "SG, during concerts or events like New Year's, has many officials managing and assisting at the MRT. Comfortable and safe." Yet another user agreed, stating, "Exactly, the dispersal after concerts there is orderly, and the MRT arrives every 3 minutes."

Coldplay, on their "Music of The Spheres" world tour, is set to continue with concerts in various countries. The schedule for the band, known for hits like "Fix You," includes stops in Thailand, Greece, Romania, Hungary, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, Austria, Ireland, and, of course, Singapore. The band will grace the National Stadium for six days on January 23, 24, 26, 27, 30, and 31, 2024.

Two days into their performances in Singapore, Coldplay has successfully resonated their music with the local audience. As expected, the concerts have been vibrant with enthusiastic spectators, as evident from photos posted on the band's official Instagram account.

Coldplay Tour Schedule:

  • February 3-4, 2024: National Stadium Rajamangala, Bangkok, Thailand
  • June 8-9, 2024: Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece
  • June 12-13, 2024: The National Arena, Bucharest, Romania
  • June 16, 18, and 19, 2024: Puskás Aréna, Budapest, Hungary
  • June 22, 23, and 25, 2024: Groupama Stadium, Lyon, France
  • July 12, 13, 15, and 16, 2024: Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy
  • July 20, 21, and 23, 2024: Merkur Spiel-Arena, Dusseldorf, Germany
  • July 27, 28, 30, and 31, 2024: Olympiastadion, Helsinki, Finland
  • August 15, 17, and 18, 2024: Olympiastadion, Munich, Germany
  • August 21, 22, 24, and 25, 2024: Ernst-Happel-Stadion, Vienna, Austria
  • August 29-30 and September 1-2, 2024: Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland

While tickets for most of the tour dates have already sold out, there are still opportunities to secure tickets for the following dates:

  • October 30-31 and November 2-3, 2024: Marvel Stadium, Melbourne, Australia
  • November 6-7 and 9-10, 2024: Accor Stadium, Sydney, Australia
  • November 13, 15, and 16, 2024: Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand

It's important to note that Coldplay's concert schedule in other countries may undergo changes, and fans are advised to check the latest information on Coldplay's official Instagram or website.

Tickets for the remaining concerts went on sale on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, with special Infinity Tickets aimed at making the concerts more accessible for fans. Regular Coldplay concert tickets became available from Friday, December 1, 2023, at 10 AM local time. Fans can register on the Coldplay.com website for ticket purchases.

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