DKI Jakarta Propels Growth and Opportunities with an Impressive Array of 21 Dynamic Investment Projects


In a bid to attract both domestic and foreign investors, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government successfully hosted the Jakarta Investment Forum (JIF) 2023, unveiling an array of exciting projects. With a total of 21 proposals presented at this prestigious business event, the forum sought to promote potential ventures within the region and position Jakarta as a thriving global city.

The JIF 2023, held at the illustrious St Regis Hotel in Jakarta on Thursday, 3rd August 2023, marked an essential milestone in the city's development journey. During his address, DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary Joko Agus Setyono expressed the government's eagerness to welcome investors with open arms, recognizing the significance of collaborative partnerships in advancing the area.

"This internationally scaled business and investment forum serves as a platform for the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta to showcase the vast potential of our projects to both domestic and foreign investors," Setyono stated.

Highlighting the city's impressive economic growth, Setyono revealed that Jakarta's economy surged by 4.95 percent year on year in the first quarter of 2023. This positive trajectory was attributed to increased investments, robust household consumption, and sustained export performance. Moreover, declining energy commodity prices and steady domestic demand also contributed to Jakarta's economic expansion.

The transportation and warehousing sectors took center stage, recording the highest performance with a remarkable growth rate of 17.43 percent. "The heightened mobility of the people has greatly influenced transportation activities in Jakarta," Setyono explained.

Under the theme "Global City and Beyond," this year's Jakarta Investment Forum aligns with the city's vision to establish itself as a global-scale economic and business hub, even after relinquishing its status as the National Capital.

"It is our hope that through optimized financing and strategic investments, Jakarta can pursue long-term development and crucial projects that enhance the quality of life for all its residents, thus realizing our goal of being a city for everyone," Setyono emphasized.

Head of the Jakarta Investment Center (JIC), Tona Hutauruk, elaborated on the diverse nature of the forum, which included plenary discussions, thematic discussions, and workshops. Distinguished national and international speakers from various backgrounds enriched the discussions on Jakarta's future development plans.

In addition to the comprehensive discussions, the JIF 2023 featured a Sustainability Reporting for Companies Workshop, aimed at enhancing entrepreneurs' ability to prepare documents regarding sustainable practices and visions for their companies.

A major highlight of the event was the presentation of 21 investment projects from five DKI Jakarta Regional Owned Enterprises, including PT MRT Jakarta, PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, PT Transportasi Jakarta, PT Jakarta Propertindo, and PT Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung. These projects span various sectors and promise immense potential for investors looking to capitalize on Jakarta's ever-growing market.

The showcased projects include urban development initiatives such as the Fatmawati Extended Concourse, HI Roundabout Extended Concourse, Dukuh Atas Pedestrian Deck, and Fatmawati Mixed-Use. Additionally, the forum unveiled ambitious plans for the revitalization of iconic landmarks like Ancol Resort, LRT Jakarta, and Transjakarta Shelters.

With a strong emphasis on sustainability and innovation, the JIF 2023 serves as a compelling testament to Jakarta's commitment to becoming a dynamic global city and a lucrative investment destination for visionary investors.

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