Surabaya has various types of food choices but if you are going for romance, here are some recommended romantic restaurants in Surabaya.


For modern restaurants nowadays, taste mostly is reliable, but for a good romance, ambiance matters a tiny bit more.

Surabaya has various choices if you are going for a romantic dinner and The S Media has made a list of the five most recommended restaurants in the city. 

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Sky 36 Restaurant
A roof-top restaurant where couples or friends could feel the sensation of dining on a 50-meters-high building, Sky 36 Restaurant provides the benefits of romantic nuance as sceneries of the cities, and lights at night are visible. The best time to visit this restaurant is during the evening or sunset, but that does not necessarily mean that the scenery of the day is not as good as other times. 

Privacy in this restaurant is also kept as the concept is fine dining. Each food served will be according to the order of appetizers, main course, dessert, and snacks, unless the visitors said otherwise. To enjoy Sky 36 Restaurant, especially during this pandemic, it requires prior booking. Price ranged from Rp200.000/ person and it is open from 4 pm-9 pm. Alcoholic beverages are also offered. 

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Citilites Sky Club
Bar and also a restaurant, Citilites Sky Club are recommended for lovers or friends who are celebrating a special moment. Located in the central part of the city, the place is strategic for anyone who is getting together from the Westside or East side of Surabaya. 

To be exact, this restaurant is placed on the rooftop of Java Paragon Hotel where friends and lovers could enjoy the fresh air of the city. Price ranges from Rp200.000 with various food from western, dessert, cocktails, mocktails, and other foods that can be enjoyed together. This eatery opens every day from 5 pm-10 pm. 

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De Soematra
Built from an ancient building, De Soematra still has the nuance of the antique Dutch era. The fine-dining restaurant was the Colonial's symbol of luxury back in 1910. 

De Soematra offers Asian lunch and western cuisine as well as set menu selections. Set to give customers a five-star service, guests can enjoy a lounge area and private dining rooms, as well as two multi-purpose function rooms situated outdoors in the garden.  Marriage proposals are common sights in this building. 

Food pricing itself ranged from Rp 100.000 to Rp 400.000. However, in this case, a person should be ready with Rp 500.000 and above to enjoy what De Soematra has to offer. The restaurant opens daily from 11 am- 10 pm.

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Domicile Kitchen & Lounge
One of Surabaya's most recommended romantic restaurants is Domicile Kitchen & Lounge which offers outdoor and indoor dining. This restaurant is dominated by Italian dishes. From Aglio Olio to its famous Italian escargot, the scenery of the night sky from the outdoor dining is recommended for couples planning to have a candlelight dinner. 

Indoor dining is also beautiful as small candles are also provided on every table. Although indoor dining usually fits betters when celebrating with friends, outdoor dining is made more private. To enjoy Domicile, food price range from Rp 100.000-Rp 200.000 per person. It is always recommended to have a prior booking as this restaurant is always packed especially during the weekends. It opens daily from 11 am-9 pm.

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Angus House
One of the most recommended steak houses in Surabaya, Angus House is also accounted as a romantic restaurant in Surabaya. The restaurant has a white-concept design that portrays the classic and elegance of the ambiance to add romanticness to the scene. 

Angus House offers assorted types of steaks, light snacks, kinds of pasta, and appetizers like mushroom soups. To dine in here, two people could spend Rp 400.000 and above. This restaurant has two shifts, from 11.30 am - 3 pm, and reopens from 5 pm-9 pm.

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