Bandung is a paradise for culinary lovers, don’t you agree?


Many people visit the capital of West Java province to pamper their taste buds. You'll be amazed at what Bandung has to offer. From various food sold on street vendors to haute cuisine, every visitor will be able to find something to their liking here. But what is it about Bandung which makes it a haven for culinary creativity and invention? There is no culinary school in Bandung, and the inventor of these dishes are not veterans of professional kitchens. This means the dishes were born out of nothing more than curiosity and trial-and-errors.

Bandung has always been a resort city. Tourists have been coming here for decades. You have to stand out to attract them. The city’s thriving fashion industry attracts many artisans and designers. That’s why Bandung is full of creative people, which is reflected in its art, fashion, music, and even its culinary scene. 

From street food to haute cuisine, you will find everything you want at Bandung. Here we give you recommendations on what you should try if you visit there!

The local taste never goes wrong

One of the most well-known dishes, timbel, consists of nasi timbel, lalapan, sambal dadak, a piece of chicken (fried or roasted Sundanese style), fried beancurd, fried tempeh, a slice of jambal (salted fish). Nasi timbel is a favorite among locals and visitors. Batagor—baso tahu goreng (literally means fried meatballs and beancurd)—is one of the most well-sought specialty. Made from blended fish and beancurd, with a special peanut sauce, batagor's popularity remains constant.


People with a sweet tooth might fancy pisang molen, an Indonesian traditional pastry filled with banana and cheese. For a variation, try brownies kukus (steamed brownies). Es cendol, made of blended/grinded rice, palm sugar, and coconut milk, is delightful on a hot day. For a colder day, you might want a taste of bandrek or bajigur. Bandung also offers various milk products, most notably, yogurt. Basically, there are two kinds of yogurt in Bandung the thin one and the thick one (French style).



Hot snacks a la Bandung are widely sold throughout the city. Among them are gehu—toge tahu (tofu with beansprouts and vegetables filling), pisang goreng (fried banana), and cireng—aci goreng (fried tapioca). You might be interested in trying other snacks such as nangka goreng (fried jackfruit), peuyeum goreng (fermented cassava, fried) or nanas goreng (fried pineapple). Ketan bakar (roasted sticky rice) and jagung bakar/rebus (roasted/boiled corns) are also recommended.

Nasi goreng (fried rice), although not originally from Bandung, is always the locals' favorite. The ingredients vary according to people's preferences. Sometimes the rice is mixed with seafood (usually shrimps, pieces of cuttlefish, pieces of crab's flesh), chicken and vegetables, mutton and vegetables, salted fish, and so on.

Tasting haute cuisine with romantic candlelight

Bandung is the perfect place if you want to enjoy a calm atmosphere while pampering your stomach. If you're going to make a romantic candlelight dinner with your couple, I think these places are the right choice!

The 18th Restaurant and Lounge – Trans Luxury Hotel

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There is nothing more romantic than enjoying the dreamy view of city lights while savoring a mouthwatering meal. This restaurant offers a fantastic view of Bandung from the 18th floor of the Trans Luxury Hotel and an elegant dining experience that will surely be unforgettable. Come and relish in a delightful set dinner for two prepared by the talented Chef de Cuisine Lukman Hakim, who will create the “perfect recipe” to celebrate this special night. 


The Restaurant – Padma Hotel

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Here is where you can revel in a refreshing dining experience overlooking the view of this quaint city from the top of one of Bandung’s most luxurious hotels, the Padma Hotel. This romantic open-air restaurant offers a cozy ambiance where you can enjoy fine Asian and European cuisine. This year, The Restaurant is offering a special Valentine’s Set Menu Dinner on 14th February 2018, serving an elegant package comprised of a 5-course degustation meal, chocolate pralines, and live soothing Jazz tunes to make your night more memorable.

Takigawa Meat Bar in the Sky

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Feel the sensation of delighting in some Japanese comfort food with a view of the sparkling city from the 5th floor. This restaurant, located in the city's heart, has two areas, the indoor area, and the favored outdoor area. Well, for this special occasion, the outdoor space is undoubtedly the top choice for you and your loved one. However, if you opt to dine in, the cute tatami mats surrounded by glass walls are also a great experience.




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