Indonesia's leading coworking space operator thrives by offering tailored solutions to corporates and large enterprises amidst evolving workforce trends.


On Monday, July 10, 2023, GoWork, Indonesia's prominent coworking space operator, reported a significant business expansion of over 2x from pre-pandemic levels. The company's success is attributed to its resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic and its strategic decision to diversify its services.

Recognizing the paradigm shift in the working model midway through the outbreak, GoWork's management swiftly took action and shifted its focus towards corporates and large enterprises. The company now offers "scale-as-a-service" solutions tailored to meet the demands of a post-pandemic workforce seeking hybrid work models.

In the past, large enterprises in Indonesia typically established their headquarters in Jakarta and hired local talent or relocated employees for in-person work. However, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted this setup, compelling large teams to adopt remote work. Now, in 2023, with the pandemic under control, these corporates must adapt once again.

GoWork's new comprehensive B2B services include helping corporates establish satellite offices and operations outside the Jakarta Metro area. This approach enables decentralized team-building, enhanced flexibility to scale up or down, and offers hands-on support across various departments like human resources, legal, finance, and more.

Before the pandemic, GoWork primarily catered to startups, small and medium enterprises, and freelancers. However, thanks to its targeted roll-out, 95% of its current members are professionals working for prominent companies such as Deloitte, AirAsia, Pfizer, Nielsen, and others. While other coworking players in Indonesia faced mass layoffs or shutdowns, GoWork not only survived but thrived by identifying and seizing the untapped market opportunity with corporates and large enterprises.

Vanessa Hendriadi, the Co-founder, and CEO of GoWork, emphasized that while providing workspaces remains a core aspect of their business, their triumph lies in undergoing a radical transformation to offer comprehensive corporate support across satellite cities in Indonesia. Their success in 2023 is attributed to providing highly customized solutions for large companies.

With an 85% annual client retention rate, GoWork Indonesia boasts an impressive clientele from various sectors, including companies like Creative Capital, Tickled Media, and Ula, as well as governmental bodies like PT Pegadaian, occupying multiple floors in several GoWork locations nationwide.

Vanessa added, "We are also collaborating with property owners to revitalize their real estate assets by constructing and managing dynamic workspaces. Our commitment to flexible services is geared to meet our member's evolving needs. Further, our recent launch of a global virtual office solution embodies this commitment, empowering our members to work from any corner of the world."

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