Behind the Beats: Dua Lipa's Candid Revelations on Crafting 'Kiss and Make Up' with BLACKPINK and the Heartfelt Connection That Brought Jennie to her Podcast


Pop sensation Dua Lipa recently dropped her latest track, "Houdini," and to mark the occasion, she engaged in an insightful interview with Warner Music Korea. In a heartwarming interaction with her Korean fanbase, the English Albanian singer-songwriter delved into her experiences collaborating with K-Pop idols, shedding light on the connections she has fostered with the Korean music industry.

During the fan-driven Q&A session, a curious fan posed the question, "You had Korean guests on your podcast and worked with [Korean] artists. How did you make such connections with Korea?"

Dua Lipa, known for her collaborations with K-Pop powerhouses BLACKPINK and MAMAMOO's Hwasa, opened up about her journey into the vibrant world of Korean music. The international sensation collaborated with BLACKPINK on the chart-topping hit "Kiss and Make Up" in 2018, and later welcomed BLACKPINK's Jennie as a special guest on her podcast, "Dua Lipa: At Your Service," in 2023. Additionally, she joined forces with Hwasa for a remix of "Physical" in 2020 and has been spotted enjoying the company of CL.

In response to the fan's inquiry, Dua Lipa candidly confessed that her interest in collaborating with Korean artists sparked from being "a real fan of BLACKPINK." Reflecting on the early days of her career, she revealed that she wrote "Kiss And Make Up" and impulsively sent it to BLACKPINK, expressing her desire to collaborate on the project.

The Grammy-winning artist shared the joy of hearing how BLACKPINK had "translated [her] lyrics and made them their own," emphasizing the unique creative exchange that took place. This serendipitous collaboration, according to Dua Lipa, initiated her connection with "some really super talented Korean artists."

Maintaining genuine friendships with BLACKPINK over the years, Dua Lipa explained that these connections paved the way for Jennie to join her on the podcast. The bond formed during their collaborations extends beyond the studio, showcasing the global unity that music has the power to foster.

As Dua Lipa continues to make waves in the music industry, her genuine appreciation for K-Pop and collaboration with Korean artists stands as a testament to the international language of music, transcending borders and cultures. Fans around the world eagerly await what the talented artist has in store for the future as she navigates the global music landscape with her infectious tunes and cross-cultural collaborations.

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