It has been traditionally used for medicinal purposes.


Curcuma, commonly known as a temulawak or Javanese turmeric in Indonesia, which is found both wild and cultivated in Indonesia, has been traditionally used for medicinal purposes. Temulawak, a medicinal plant used in Indonesia, has been shown to exert diverse physiological functions. Indonesian have known Curcuma as an appetite stimulant. But, the benefits are more than that. It's an essential food and medicinal plant material. 


Traditional medicine: Paitan

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According to W Sumarmi's research about a Study of Indonesia's Traditional Medicine in 2019, traditional remedial paitan is considered the most bitter conventional medicine. She interviewed buyers and sellers of conventional medicine that paitan conveys the benefits of traditional medicine bitter is for various health problems, such as itching remover, appetite enhancer, diabetes, curing acne, and dizziness. 

Scientific analysis of bitter taste of the traditional medicine, due to the presence of alkaloids secondary metabolite compounds that have a bitter taste, for alkaloids plants as antitoxin. 

According to traditional drug sellers, boiling the ingredients of conventional medicines still use kwali or kettle from clay because it will not eliminate the efficacy of traditional herbs. Technique to mash ethnomedicine by not using metal tools, but using alu from wood or stone. 

For traditional medicine to be more nutritious, in the process of manufacture, try to dry all ingredients that it will boil so that the sap on the plant doesn't inhibit the absorption process in the body. 

The scientific science of Traditional medicine sellers is creative to maintain the efficacy of traditional medicine. The composition of conventional drug-making materials of all aspects, from the type of material, how to prepare, the dosage, the time, and manner of use, must correspond to the heredity heritage from our ancestors. 

Deviation from one aspect of the possibility may cause the ingredients of the traditional medicines that are safe or harmful to health. 


Traditional medicine: Kunir Asam

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Traditional turmeric acid medicine by traditional drug sellers is conventional medicine 'adem-ademan or seger-segeran', which can be interpreted as a traditional medicine to refresh the body, avoid the heat or canker sores, curing the stomach, and quicken menstruation. 

Making traditional medicine bitter is boiling all the ingredients with water until the cooking water left about half. This method is intended for all nutritious substances to dissolve into boiling water (extraction process). The stew has a very bitter taste. The creative idea of traditional medicine makers to reduce the bitterness is that consumers are given other conventional, sweet and fresh medicine like sinom, beras kencur, or kunir asam


It's like a superfood that is originally from Indonesia

The scientific results of each type of herbal medicine find the main types of compounds in herbal medicine, herbal functions for the health of the human body, and traditional equipment used in the manufacture of herbs. In addition to the main ingredients used as medicine, ingredients are added to herbal ingredients such as kedawung seeds, cumin, pandan leaves, lemongrass, lime, cinnamon, and ginger. 


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Making ginger herbs with the addition of ginger, tamarind, palm sugar, pandan leaves and cumin, both for children and the elderly because can cure complaints of dizziness, nausea and relieve symptoms of colds. Of all types of traditional herbal medicine, paitan herbs are the most difficult to enjoy because they are made of Tinosporacordifolia. But properties such as relieving pain, eliminating swelling, anti-inflammatory, and overcoming arthritis make many people continue to consume bitter herbs.

Will curcuma become your new hero for the healing process?





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