SilverQueen is the worldwide famous chocolate that originated from Indonesia that has had a long history since the Dutch occupation.


The Indonesian-brand chocolate, SilverQueen, is known worldwide and is easily found in minimarkets, supermarkets, or even online stores. Presented as a national snack once in President Soekarno's era, it went back to the 1950s when it was first established. 

Not many know how the chocolate empire began. But it's worth noting that, even after its popularity, the now-international chocolate company is still managed by Indonesian management.

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The history of SilverQueen

SilverQueen chocolate brand came from a company located in Garut, West Java, Indonesia. The company was originally known as NV Ceres. During the Dutch Colonial era in Indonesia, NV Ceres belonged to a Dutchman. Following Japan's occupation in 1942, the company was sold and then taken over by Chinese-Indonesjan Ming Chee Chuang, who later became the founder of Silverqueen. 

Chuang had long lived in Bandung. The entrepreneur bought the company and renamed it PT Perusahaan Industri Ceres. SilverQueen was first produced in Garut but the whole company later was moved to Bandung, along with a chocolate sprinkles product called Ceres. 

Challenges of the production 
Chuang was aware of the obstacles that he needs to face if he wants to continue his business in the tropical climate of Indonesia. Given Indonesia's summery temperature, it makes it difficult for the chocolate to stay in shape as chocolate bars. However, Chuang did not give up. 

To exacerbate the problem, the Indonesian government issued a policy called the Benteng program which was intended for Indonesian entrepreneurs. The program was launched based on political pressure and only applied for Indigenous, Non-Chinese businessmen, so that economic power could be possessed by Dutch private companies that were still in Indonesia at that moment. 

Chuang kept his business going despite the policy that regulated that 70% of company shareholdings should and must be owned by native Indonesians.

Determined to grow his business, Chuang tried to mix the chocolate dough with cashew in order to make it last longer under the humidity. He succeeded and the ingredients became the hallmark of SilverQueen.

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Heritage of SilverQueen
With the new composition, SilverQueen chocolate became very popular at that time. Reportedly, Indonesian then-President Soekarno made SilverQueen the official snack at the Asian-African Conference (KAA) held in Bandung in 1955.

Over time, Ming Chee Chuang bequeathed his company to his eldest son, John Chuang. Not only John was the CEO of the company, but he is also responsible for the finances.

In the hands of Chuang’s children, they developed the company bigger. They founded a company called Petra Food, which head office is now located in Singapore. PT Perusahaan Industri Ceres has also become a part of Petra Food with a variety of products that are also their flagship brands, such as Delfi, Silver Queen, Ritz, Selamat Biscuits, Chunky, Briko wafers, Top and also Ceres sprinkles.

It conquers not only in the Indonesian market, but also various neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

In fact, Petra Food also reached the European market and has factories in Mexico, Brazil, and several European countries. Now, Petra Food has become the number three chocolate producer in the world.

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