New regulations eliminate the need for ministry recommendations, making Indonesia a more accessible destination for international students and educators.


The Directorate General of Immigration officially introduced the latest iteration of the education visa on Thursday, marking a significant milestone in making Indonesia a more accessible destination for international students. The unveiling took place at the "Imifest" Immigration Festival, hosted at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta.

This revamped education visa is meticulously tailored to cater to the growing number of foreign nationals eager to pursue their studies in Indonesia. Notably, the latest regulations have eliminated the arduous process of securing recommendations from the relevant ministries, substantially simplifying the visa application procedure.

Heru Tjondro, the Director of Immigration Stay Permits, shared the latest updates during the event. "Prospective students now only need to furnish evidence of acceptance by educational institutions," he revealed. This streamlined approach is poised to expedite the visa acquisition process, allowing foreign students to commence their educational journey without the previous bureaucratic hurdles.

However, the significance of the enhanced education visa extends beyond prospective students. It also provides a framework for accommodating foreign educators eager to contribute to Indonesia's academic landscape. A noteworthy feature of this new visa category is the inclusion of provisions for future sponsorship by individual Indonesian citizens or educational institutions. This inclusion aims to foster a more inclusive and diverse academic environment.

"Through this visa, we are streamlining the process for prospective students intending to study in Indonesia," Tjondro underscored. This development aligns with Indonesia's broader objective to position itself as a welcoming hub for global education and exchange.

The education visa offers various options catering to students pursuing a wide range of academic endeavors, from undergraduate to postgraduate levels. Tjondro highlighted the convenience of the online application process, emphasizing that prospective students can submit their applications via the dedicated website

This monumental step in visa reform not only simplifies the pathway for international students but also reaffirms Indonesia's commitment to fostering an inclusive and dynamic education landscape. As the world continues to evolve, these changes position Indonesia as a global contender in the international education sphere, and prospective students from around the world are expected to benefit significantly from this streamlined process.

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