Indonesian Athletes Proudly Display Traditional Attire and Unity at the Asian Para Games Opening


The Indonesian contingent brought the rich tapestry of Nusantara culture to the forefront during the athletes' parade at the opening ceremony of the Asian Para Games 2022, held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium in China.

The Garuda Squad proudly entered the parade in the ninth position, following Team India. Leading the procession and bearing the Indonesian flag, the honor fell to Para athletics athlete Riadi Saputra and Para powerlifting athlete Dwiska Maharani. Riadi Saputra donned the traditional attire of Kalimantan, while Dwiska wore the traditional dress of Sumatra.

The Indonesian delegation, which took a prominent position, showcased traditional costumes from various regions across Indonesia. The women sported traditional attire from Lampung, Palembang, and Bali, while the men donned clothing representing Kalimantan, East Nusa Tenggara, and Aceh.

Chef de Mission (CdM) for Indonesia at the Asian Para Games 2022 Hangzhou, Angela Tanoesoedibjo, participated in the contingent parade alongside Deputy CdM Andi Herman, who was in the third row behind the athletes in wheelchairs.

"We have brought the concept that Indonesia, with its cultural diversity, is represented through several traditional costumes, representing different ethnicities and regions in our country," Andi explained.

The Indonesian team also sported red and white jackets with motifs of the "mega mendung" cloud pattern. Four mega mendung motifs on the right chest symbolize "Saka Guru," signifying the pillar of hope for Indonesian athletes to remain steadfast in all aspects.

On the left chest, one mega mendung motif serves as a cooling agent, helping the athletes maintain their mental clarity.

Another motif incorporated into the jackets is the Sumatran songket with silver thread in a chain of stars on the sleeves. The chain of stars symbolizes unity and rapid progress. The message behind this is to inspire athletes to be determined and victorious.

On the back of the jackets, a map of Indonesia is displayed, illustrating the vastness of the nation's territory and its diverse cultures.

"We aim to showcase cultural diversity while maintaining the unity of Indonesia as a whole," Andi emphasized.

Indonesia has sent 130 athletes to compete in 12 different sports at the Asian Para Games 2022 Hangzhou. The Indonesian team aspires to secure a spot in the top 10 medal rankings, with a target of bringing home 19 gold, 23 silver, and 25 bronze medals.

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