Explore six Indonesian brands that achieved potential transactions worth millions at Paris Fashion Week 2023 and how the Indonesian Ministry of Trade and Tokopedia are collaborating to make Indonesia the hub of modest fashion by 2024.


The Indonesian Ministry of Trade continues to promote Indonesian fashion by participating in various world fashion shows, as did six Indonesian brands that appeared at the L'Adresse Trade Showroom at Paris Fashion Week (PFW) 2023.

At the L'Adresse Trade Showroom PFW 2023 event which was held from 3-6 March 2023 in Paris, France, six Indonesian brands eyed potential transactions worth USD 298.69 thousand or IDR 4.61 billion for the next two years.

The success of six Indonesian brands in this event cannot be separated from the collaboration between the Ministry of Trade and the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Paris and Tokopedia.

The six brands are IKYK (modest fashion), Artkea (modest fashion), BLP Beauty (cosmetics), KEA (bag accessories), Aidan and Ice (accessories), and Jewel Rocks (accessories).

Overall, the PFW 2023 Trade Showroom was attended by 400 brands from around the world and was attended by 30,000 people consisting of bloggers, influencers, key opinion leaders, buyers, and international media representatives. Meanwhile, the Indonesian showroom was attended by 200 buyers from the Middle East, Europe, the United States, and Asia. The buyers also discussed with brand representatives the collections they brought as well as product ordering techniques (inquiry).

"Indonesia's participation in this event is one of the government's strategies to encourage increased exports of modest fashion, accessories, and cosmetic products. This is in line with Indonesia's target to declare itself as the center of the world's modest fashion producers in 2024," said Director General of National Export Development Didi Sumedi in an official statement, Jakarta, Friday, March 10, 2023.

Didi added that in 2023, the Ministry of Trade participated in modest fashion product promotion activities at three world fashion events namely New York Fashion Week, Trade Showroom at Paris Fashion Week, and London Fashion Week.

Visitors try out accessories made by an Indonesian fashion brand. (

"Indonesia is optimistic that it can achieve its target of becoming the center of the world's modest fashion producers, especially considering that the development of Indonesia's modest fashion industry is currently advancing rapidly. This is supported by various advantages including cultural richness, a better supply chain ecosystem, unique designs, good quality, and the presence of a growing e-commerce industry," explained Didi.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to France Mohamad Oemar explained, to promote Indonesian creative products, especially for fashion and modest fashion, Indonesia needs to have strong coordination with domestic stakeholders, an extensive network with the fashion community and international buyers, and determine promotion strategies. right.

"We have discussed with stakeholders the trend of consumer demand for Indonesian fashion products, in the European region, especially France. We are sure that the appearance of Indonesian fashion at Paris Fashion Week will open up a wider market for Indonesian creative products, not only for the European market but even for other markets in the world," said Oemar.

Oemar said that Indonesia's participation in the Showroom at Paris Fashion will then be held in September 2023. "In September 2023, to increase exposure to Indonesian fashion apart from trade showroom activities, the plan is to also hold a trunk show which is targeted to be included in the 2023 PFW activity calendar. Participation in Indonesia at PFW is expected to help network Indonesian designers with buyers, the fashion industry, and fashion fans around the world," he said.

Meanwhile, Tokopedia's Director of Government Relations Public Policy, Astri Wahyuni said, Tokopedia continues to strive to support the Government's target of making Indonesia the center of the world's modest fashion producer in 2024 through various initiatives and collaborations.

"One of them is by supporting the Ministry of Trade and the Indonesian Embassy in Paris at the 2023 Paris Fashion Week trade show, which has sent several local brands, including BLP Beauty as a seller on Tokopedia. We hope to continue to provide a stage for local business activists so that they continue to grow and develop, even on a par with world-class brands, while at the same time contributing positively to the country's creative economy," said Astri.

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