Kanye West made a cameo in McDonald's Super Bowl ad that also has a hidden easter egg performance by Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds.


Ye, commonly known as Kanye West, made a cameo in McDonald’s Super Bowl LVI ad, aired on the night of the annual playoff championship game of the NFL on February 13, 2022.

The McDonald’s 30-seconds ad titled “Can I Get Uhhhhhhhhhhhh” shows the fast-food chain’s customers struggling to think of what to order.

As the video is about to end, the Grammy-winning artist made an appearance and pulls out with a black Sherp ATVs to the McDonald’s drive-thru. The 44-year-old American rapper and fashion designer like the other customers can be seen struggling in deciding what to order.

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McDonald's Super Bowl ad and more
Other than Ye, the ad shows other well-known individuals such as NASCAR driver No. 23 of Toyota Camry for 23XI Racing team Bubba Wallace, FIFA Twitch streamer Edwin Castro, and McDonald’s classic character Grimace is actually voiced by actor Ryan Reynolds.

The video uploaded on YouTube has recorded 732k views and 19k likes since it was uploaded. Aviation American Gin which Reynolds owns an ownership interest had tweeted about the actor’s appearance in the ad.

“Uhhh… the voice of Grimace sounds oddly familiar. Did @McDonalds hire a certain Canadian drink-slinging McRiblet?” The tweet reads.

McDonald’s in a news release said that the ad is based on the “universal truth” that sometimes everyone, celebrities included just cannot decide what to order. Thus, where the ad title “Can I Get Uhhhhhhhhhhhh” came from as a reference to people’s indecision. 

Prior to the ad showing, McDonald’s had teased many people with a picture posted on their official Instagram and Twitter accounts. The picture is taken on the restaurant’s drive-thru and a large black-colored vehicle with huge tires is seen in the background. The picture shows the date of Super Bowl LVI and its caption reads “uhhhhhhhhhhh something’s coming”.

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Ye's fascination and his favorite restaurant, can you guess it? 
The post led many of Ye’s fans to speculate that McDonald’s is partnering up with the rapper for an unspecified project.

“Its for Kanye 100% some insider instagram account posted about a billionaire rapper getting a mcdonalds ad spot for the superbowl a few minutes before they posted this.” Lumizat, a fan or simply concerned individual tweeted.

Fans’ speculation was acceptable since Ye has been very vocal in expressing his fondness for the American multinational fast-food restaurant.

“McDonald's is my favorite restaurant.” Ye tweeted in 2018.

Ye also wrote a poem two years prior to his McDonald’s tweet about what else if not about his favorite restaurant. His poem was titled “The McDonald’s Man” for Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry magazine which later was put on Ocean’s album “Blonde”. 

While the ad only lasts for 30-seconds and Ye only made a 4-seconds cameo, his appearance is still welcomed by his fans. Although, the ad did not manage to get an all-out performance on YouTube, the main attraction was during the Super Bowl LVI main event and its halftime show inviting the “Avengers” of hip-hop culture from Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar. 

So, it is safe to assume that McDonald's ad in Super Bowl LVI has attracted a decent amount of attention.

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