Racing-ready motorbike specifications with MotoGP motorbike inspiration.


Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, KTM, has just introduced a limited edition product, KTM RC 8C. This motorsport is designed to be ready to hit the race track and is intended for racing fans on the weekends.

If you pay attention, its ability is similar to the version of the KTM motorbike that went down in the MotoGP event, the RC 16C. The RC 8C model uses lightweight materials and unique parts for racing purposes. KTM said this product allows consumers to experience a motorbike close to racing specifications without having a racing team to use it.

The RC 8C is handcrafted by skilled KTM mechanics. This motorbike carries an 889 cc LC8C DOHC 8 valve parallel-twin engine mounted on a 25CrMo4 steel tubular frame with a touch of WP Pro Components on each side. This machine is claimed to provide power up to 128 hp, with the overall weight of the motor only 140 kilograms. KTM also claims the engine used is very easy to maintain and guarantees its reliability.


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The front of the RC 8C uses a WP APEX PRO 7543 suspension measuring 43 mm from a lightweight base. The development was carried out by KTM through several international racing competitions. This suspension is also assembled in the same department as the RC 16C assembly, so it is guaranteed to provide maximum performance for racing fans. This suspension can also be adjusted for hardness to offer an ultimate driving experience.

WP APEX PRO 7746 suspension with preload adjuster mounted on the rear wheels. This suspension is made to adapt to various driving characters by adjusting the level of compression.

This race-ready motorbike also uses a removable tank, body panels and lightweight Dymag rims. Pirelli SC1 race slick tires are fitted for racing purposes on any circuit.

Braking ability is entrusted to Brembo with the front uses Brembo Style with 290 mm floating disc brake callipers. The rear comes with two-piston callipers with 230 mm discs.

The RC 8C uses a Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta radial master cylinder that offers innovations like those used on MotoGP bikes. Riders can adjust the level of sensitivity of the lever to suit their own riding style.

This motorcycle computer settings section uses the AIM MxS 1.2 Race dashboard. This motorbike has also been installed with a data logger with integrated GPS. All data is displayed on the 5-inch TFT display, including lap times, speed and race-related data.


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KTM only produces 100 units of this special edition motorcycle. Some other racing parts are the Akrapovic racing exhaust made of titanium and the airbox and racing air filter for engine performance during the race.

Consumers of the RC 8C will be allowed to join the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing test team during a special event for consumers. The event, which is limited to 25 lucky customers, will bring together KTM test riders such as Dani Pedrosa and Mika Kallio. They will provide racing tips for a day at the Jerez circuit.

Consumers of the RC 8C will also get extra Dymag front and rear wheels, a different set of front and rear discs, front and rear paddock stands, tire warmers and a KTM Race Carpet. A complete package for motorsport fans. So, how do you get this special edition motorbike?

Unfortunately, this is difficult to do because at the time of the announcement of the sale last July 22, 100 units of the KTM RC 8C were immediately sold out in 4 minutes 32 seconds. KTM provides a queue for potential customers who hope that there will be cancellations from the 100 lucky consumers.

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