Lamborghini reveals that it will present a New Countach in the near future.


Lamborghini is an automotive manufacturer whose products have become iconic in every era. Remember when you were little, pictures of models like Miura, Countach, Diablo, Murcielago, and Gallardo adorned the room's walls in the form of posters.

One of the iconic models is the Countach. This model, in its time, became a car with a futuristic, glamorous, and flamboyant shape, especially in the 80s era. The Countach comes with the iconic scissor door, sporting a roaring V12 engine and an aggressively intelligent design.

Lamborghini has just made a surprise by announcing the Countach name will be revived soon. This can be seen from a teaser in the form of an image on social media shown by Lamborghini with a picture of a car tightly wrapped in a closed area.

In addition, a teaser in the form of a video was also distributed by Lamborghini. In the 21-second video, the iconic image of the Countach with a depiction of the model that fans dreamed of as a child is now back in the modern era. The certainty of the arrival of this iconic model is also confirmed through the writing at the end of the video "The New Lamborghini Countach is Coming."


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The news from Lamborghini is quite surprising because information about the presence of the Countach is minimal. In addition, Lamborghini has just announced the final product Aventador V12, and their last concept model is the Sian.

The most prominent information that can be retrieved regarding the latest Countach is in the teaser image distributed by Lamborghini. The cloth-covered car features a sports car silhouette with a low posture with a sharply tapered front. The rear looks wide when viewed from the side and does not appear to have a high rear wing like other Lamborghini sports cars. It seems that the old design of the Countach is still being used as inspiration.

Other questions regarding this new Countach are unanswered at this time. For example, what machine will be used later? What platform to choose, something new or using an existing platform? Also, about whether later this model can be purchased immediately or is it still a concept design?

Most interestingly, this new Countach will be the next step for the electrification of Lamborghini products. Recently Lamborghini is introducing V12 engine technology with hybrid technology. In addition, the latest technology on Sian can also be used for the new Countach. All of these possibilities could happen.



This year everything in the automotive world, especially for supercar manufacturers, can happen. Lamborghini also does not remain silent with the trend of electrification in the automotive world or reviving iconic products in the past, which have also been done by several previous manufacturers.

Lamborghini also revived the Miura through the Miura Concept in 2006 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legendary car's presence in 1966. Unfortunately, the Miura Concept never continued into a production car.

This latest Countach likely also uses the same scheme. Present as a concept car first as an introduction to see how Lamborghini fans' reaction will be ready for production. This year, the manufacturer from Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy, is celebrating half a century of the birth of the Countach LP500.

A little history, the Countach was first present from 1974 to 1990. This is why this car is very popular with people born in that era because it has become a "dream car." Lamborghini only produces about 2,000 units of the car designed by Marcello Gandini.

The engine uses a V12 with a 4.0L, 4.8L, and 5.2L, specifically for the 25th-anniversary edition of the 5000QV model. Transmission is the only available five-speed manual. After production stopped, the Countach was replaced by Diablo, which also became an iconic product.


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