Are you team Charlie or Team Archlight?


Recently Louis Vuitton created unisex sneakers that could be worn by women and men. In addition to the unisex concept, the shoes consist of 90 percent recycled and organic fabrics

The new sneaker’s name is called Charlie. Charlie’s soles are also made up of 94 percent recycled rubber while the upper part is made up of synthetic material from recycled polyester and a layer of Biopolioli. Biopolioli is a vegetable plastic made up of corn. 

Underneath the fully recycled laces is a patch in ECONYL, also used on the back of the Charlie sneaker and for the signature LV logo. The insole and lining are made of recycled polyurethane and polyester respectively.

The inclusivity design is highly important as there is a significant increase in women falling in love with sneakers. 

In Vogue’s article in 2020, the writer wrote how the limited design has made her could not wear the shoes she wanted. “And while the memories of buying sneakers fuelled by my basketball passion as a child are smile-inducing, I also recall the disappointment of seeing women in sneaker and streetwear campaigns only when they were half-naked and overtly sexualized at one end of the spectrum, or as high-profile athletes at the other. I found it jarring that there was nothing in between.” 

“Since then, though things have improved, with brands opening up their world to a wider – female – customer base, the industry is yet to rectify this disparity in compellingly authentic terms. It’s glaringly obvious that some brands are still missing the mark when it comes to engaging and supporting women successfully. Furthermore, as is the same for any minority, true equality can’t come unless women are first elevated to the same level.” 

In the last few years, Louis Vuitton has entered the sneakers game really hard. Especially the ARCHLIGHT design. The shoe is the statement look of Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show, this futuristic sneaker balances a springy wave-shaped outsole and an oversized tongue with a low cut around the ankle for a delicate, feminine touch.


It’s important to create sustainable shoes

Believe it or not, shoe waste is hard to be removed. According to The Guardian, shoe waste could last for 1,000 years. And it has been estimated by The Echologist that 300 million pairs ending up in landfills after they have been worn. This fact alone articulates our overproduction problem. The footwear industry produces 23.5 Billion pairs of shoes annually for 7.6 Billion people in the world. 

Some other options aside from Louis Vuitton

Surely, purchasing Louis Vuitton shoes is not for all people. Therefore, there is another shoe option that you could choose from. 

AllBirds: Tree Dashers


Photo Courtesy of Prevention


The shoes have been worn by celebrities like Eva Longoria and Kate Hudson. They were made from natural materials too like eucalyptus tree, sugar cane, and merino wool, and a flexible seamless upper to enhance breathability. 

Nike: Blazer Mid ’77


Photo Courtesy of Nike

Who doesn’t love Nike? Their shoes is made with 20 per cent recycled content by weight and use natural plant dyes and cork. 

There you some of the sneakers that you could choose aside from Louis Vuitton's Charlie. But if you do have money, go get it. 


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