Simple steps that you can apply to improve your mental health as an entrepreneur.


Being an entrepreneur, running a business, and attending regular meetings, seems like a never-ending routine that reduces your quality time with yourself. In the beginning and even afterward, you may feel that you have no other choice but to sacrifice the rest of your life to work and have a career.

Even more, during pandemic like today, we face an uncertain situation, which influences our mental health. If you are a young entrepreneur, here are simple steps that you can apply to improve your mental health. 


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Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy job. There are so many work challenges that you face every day. Incidentally, this can also make your mind and body feel tired. If you want to reduce stress, journaling can be an activity that you can do.

Take 10-20 minutes of your time every day to record all your complaints. Writing will help you identify your pent-up feelings, and it will also make you feel more relieved. Be honest with your emotions to find the heart of the problem that is making you tired. 

Identify your stress

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After identifying the main problem you are facing, the next step is to find out the leading cause of stress you are experiencing. At work, it's perfectly normal to feel unwell, and it's normal to feel too tired and unmotivated.

In general, entrepreneurs experience great stress related to financial problems as well as fear of the future. Therefore, journaling can help you deal with stress and identify solutions you can take to overcome it.

Learn to split feelings

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There is a tendency for entrepreneurs to define themselves on business and business success. However, this can be a burdening factor in the future. In difficult times, you will often spend too much of your time continuing to work, so you forget to have time to rest or spend time with friends and family.

One thing that must be understood, failure is a natural thing in work and business. So take some time to love yourself no matter the circumstances and realize that the numbers on balance don't determine your self-worth.


Knowing when to seek help

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It is easy for us to feel compelled to prove success in our careers and business in the digital world and social media. It's okay to do it, but don't let it make you do it for someone else. In work, experiencing stress and depression is common, and when it can no longer be handled by yourself, it is important to seek professional help.

Also, stop thinking that having a mental health disorder is a shame. As humans, we must accept and feel negative emotions and accept them with open arms.

Make the most of your working hours and find time to rest. In general, entrepreneurs believe that success comes from working hard, and downtime is seen as just a waste of time.

But in fact, downtime is needed so that we can return to work more productively. Make sure you get enough sleep and exercise. Having time to rest can increase your productivity and mental health and can motivate you to work harder.


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