Exploring Features, Prices, and Trends of Mini City Cars Priced between Rp100-200 Million in the Indonesian Automotive Market


In the bustling automotive market of Indonesia, the spotlight is increasingly turning towards affordable city cars priced between Rp100-200 million. These compact vehicles have garnered attention from first-time car buyers, small families, and young individuals alike. The prevalent traffic congestion in major cities has also driven some to consider the compact dimensions of mini city cars.

According to data from the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (Gaikindo), the most favored car types in the country are Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs), especially those priced up to Rp300 million. However, the emergence of the low-cost green car (LCGC) segment since 2013 has influenced the popularity of mini city cars due to their affordability.

In recent years, the preference for mini city cars has grown, propelled by the introduction of cheap electric models priced between Rp100-200 million from various Chinese brands.

Mobil123.com's research indicates that there are currently eight mini city car models priced between Rp100-200 million in Indonesia. While six of them are Japanese brands with internal combustion engines (ICE), two come from Chinese brands, featuring pure electric vehicle (EV) technology.

List of Mini City Cars Priced between Rp100-200 Million in Indonesia

1. Daihatsu Ayla

Daihatsu Ayla, focusing on the LCGC segment since its debut in 2013, continues to be a popular choice. The second generation, launched in March 2023, offers options of a 1.0-liter or 1.2-liter gasoline engine with various features. The On-The-Road (OTR) Jakarta prices for January 2024 range from Rp135 million to Rp190.9 million.

2. Daihatsu Sirion

As a non-LCGC mini city car from Daihatsu since 2007, the Sirion's latest facelift in May 2022 offers a 1.3-liter gasoline engine. The OTR Jakarta prices for January 2024 are Rp230.35 million for the CVT variant and Rp239.55 million for the R CVT variant.

3. Toyota Agya

Initially released in 2013 as an LCGC city car, the Toyota Agya, with its GR Sport variant, has gained popularity. Both Agya variants feature a 1.2-liter engine, with the GR Sport boasting additional performance-oriented features. Prices range from Rp167.9 million to Rp256 million for various variants.

4. Honda Brio

Honda Brio, a highly popular mini city car in Indonesia since its debut in 2012, is available in both LCGC (Brio Satya) and non-LCGC (Brio RS) versions. The facelifted second-generation model, introduced in May 2023, offers sporty design and various features. Prices range from Rp167.9 million to Rp253.1 million.

5. Suzuki S-Presso

Launched in 2022, the Suzuki S-Presso, though not classified as an LCGC, is priced similarly. The 2023 refresh introduced new features, and its OTR Jakarta prices for January 2024 are Rp168.3 million for the manual variant and Rp178.3 million for the AGS variant.

6. Suzuki Ignis

Existing in the Indonesian market since 2017, the Suzuki Ignis features a 1.2-liter engine and comes with both manual and AGS transmission options. The OTR Jakarta prices for January 2024 range from Rp212 million to Rp224 million.

7. Wuling Air EV

As one of the electric options, the Wuling Air EV offers three variants with different ranges. Prices, before Value Added Tax (PPN) subsidy, range from Rp206 million to Rp299.5 million for the Lite, Standard Range, and Long Range variants.

8. Seres E1

The Seres E1, another electric mini city car introduced in August 2023, offers two variants with different ranges. Prices, without PPN subsidy, are Rp189 million for the B-Type and Rp219 million for the L-Type.

In summary, the mini city car market in Indonesia offers diverse options in terms of price, features, and technology. Whether powered by gasoline or electricity, these compact and affordable cars cater to the preferences and budgets of a wide range of consumers in the country.

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