A Transformative Oasis: Nuanu Emerges as a Hub for Art, Innovation, and Sustainability in Bali


As July 2024 approaches, the anticipation builds for the official opening of Nuanu, a visionary enclave set to redefine experiential travel by seamlessly blending art, culture, innovation, and social aspects. With a target of 5 million visitors by 2025 from both domestic and international origins, Nuanu aims to become a must-visit destination for those seeking more meaningful journeys on the island of Bali.

Nestled along the coastal edge of Tabanan, Bali, Nuanu emerges as a tangible manifestation of innovation, collaboration, and global change. Encompassing an expansive 44 hectares, this creative hub serves as a melting pot for dynamic communities where creators, leaders, and change-makers converge to drive positive transformations. As an integrated ecosystem, Nuanu introduces dedicated spaces for education, arts & culture, healthcare, experiences, and nature-inspired living.

Sergey Solonin, the Founder of Nuanu, expressed the vision behind the project, stating, "Our vision extends beyond being just a tourist destination; we aim to create a thriving ecosystem designed to inspire, connect, and catalyze positive changes. We are incredibly excited to soon unveil to the public the results of four years of contemplation and efforts in building this creative haven."

Exciting Experiences Await Visitors

Starting July 2024, visitors to Nuanu can immerse themselves in a plethora of captivating experiences crafted from a unique blend of creativity, cultural enrichment, and environmental awareness. With the backdrop of the spectacular Nyanyi Beach, Luna Beach Club emerges as a seaside haven, introducing a fresh beach club concept offering unparalleled experiences for relaxation, culinary delights, and entertainment.

Meanwhile, the Labyrinth Collective serves as a haven for artists from various disciplines to embark on transformational journeys and delve into the depths of creativity. Encompassing creative studios, art galleries, artist retreat centers, and versatile spaces designed for profound visual and sensory experiences. At ProEd Global School, learners of all ages engage in a dynamic educational environment focused on holistic development that fosters academic excellence, character formation, and global awareness.

Visitors to Nuanu will also encounter a series of monumental art installations enriched by visual mapping projections. Among them is the Earth Sentinels monument, an awe-inspiring sculpture by South African artist Daniel Popper, serving as a reminder of the human connection to nature and its purity.

Arthur Mamou-Mani, a French architect, designed the Bhuma Tower, inspired by the golden ratio and constructed using recycled wood from old colonial bridges and exterior elements from rattan. Bhuma, meaning Earth in Sanskrit, serves as a symbol of inspiration and contemplation.

Eco Path, a symbiosis of art and nature, offers futuristic audiovisual experiences located at the heart of Nuanu. Harmony, a social health and fitness complex, is dedicated to health, healing, and transformation. Meanwhile, OSHOM Boutique Hotel and Terra Garden provide opportunities for visitors to experience relaxation and regeneration infused with the local wisdom of Bali.

Nuanu as a Hub for International Festivals and Pioneering Projects

To enrich the cultural landscape, Nuanu will host a series of international festivals, including the Sound Festival, a three-day celebration fusing independent art, music, culture, and health & wellness from July 26 to 28, 2024. CoinFest, an annual Web3 festival, will also take place in Nuanu in August 2024. DEEP, a health festival for creative thinkers, visionaries, and artists, will occur in October 2024. These festivals serve as celebrations of global music, art, and technology diversity, aiming to attract visitors to engage, participate, and be inspired by the communities within Nuanu.

"Our journey over the past four years has been a dynamic one, with projects aligned with our vision of harmonious living. During this incubation period, we've experimented with various initiatives, each contributing to our commitment to creating a dynamic community that aligns with nature, humanity, and the Creator - a principle deeply rooted in Balinese philosophy, Tri Hita Karana. We are thrilled to welcome visitors to experience our innovative spaces and facilities firsthand," said Ida Ayu Astari Prada, Brand Communications Director of Nuanu.

In contributing to the development of Bali's property market, Nuanu collaborates with leading experienced parties in developing recreational spaces and residences to ensure harmony between urban living and the natural world. Nuanu has partnered with Nuanu Property Group, UNIT Space, and OXOLiving to build an elite residential complex consisting of technologically advanced homes that allow residents to experience a blend of modern luxury and sustainable lifestyle. Nuanu ensures that this living experience is carefully designed to align with the ethos of the creative city.

In 2025, Nuanu is poised to welcome a host of exciting experiences and initiatives that are expected to further enrich Nuanu as a creative hub. One such initiative is the Eugene Museum, a unique collaboration with Japanese-American artist Eugene Kangawa. Designed by renowned Indonesian architect Andra Martin, this museum serves as a unique space for art enthusiasts. Curated by Kangawa himself, the museum will showcase a diverse collection of his works reflecting his long-term theme of 'Symbiosis,' integrating abundant natural light to create a stunning masterpiece in the landscape and facilities of Nuanu.

As a complement to Nuanu's ecosystem is iFarm, an indoor vertical farming system driven by cutting-edge agricultural technology to efficiently grow multigreens-based plants. The Head is a spiral-shaped space inspired by the Nautilus shell, designed as a meeting point for culinary, artistic, craft, and creative experiences to form an inclusive forefront experience open to all ages.

Driving Change through Collective Movement

Nuanu integrates corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities into its business model by allocating a portion of profits to the Nuanu Social Fund (NSF) to drive positive social and environmental changes. This fund aims to empower communities and create tangible societal impacts, emphasizing cooperation and collaboration. Some transformative projects supported by NSF include establishing an educational center in Beraban Village, Tabanan, to empower children with computer skills, and preserving Gambang, a 300-year-old Gamelan musical instrument, ensuring its heritage thrives for future generations. Nuanu's CSR philosophy emphasizes unity, valuing every individual and stakeholder contribution in shaping a shared future for meaningful impacts and changes.

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