Windows 10 is still one of the most stable operating systems for PC.


When Windows 10 was released in 2015, many people were cautious, but it quickly became a widely praised OS. In contrast, while Windows 11 is out, many enthusiasts are disappointed by it. 

One of the biggest drawbacks of Windows 11 is its requirement of TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module version 2.0) CPUs. TPM 2.0 compatible CPUs can only be found on the 2nd generation of AMD's Ryzen or Intel's 8th generation chips. If your PC doesn't run on at least those kinds of modern CPUs, you will not be able to run Windows 11 as your operating system.

Some people are still rocking Windows 8 or even 7 for various reasons. So, if you are among those people and have been thinking of upgrading to the latest Windows, go to Windows 10 instead of 11. Here is what you will get.

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1. Improved UI and personalization
One of the critical changes that Windows 10 made was improving the UI by bringing back the Start Menu. Moreover, by introducing Cortana, Microsoft has created a personal assistant that works seamlessly with the OS.

The Microsoft Start Menu was first introduced in Windows 95. It was initially used to launch apps and was later replaced by the Windows 8 UI, the Start Screen.

Aside from bringing the Start Menu back, Windows 10 also added various new features. Some of these are the ability to customize the size, color scheme, and other menu settings.

Moreover, you can ask the digital assistant Cortana to perform various tasks, such as answering questions, searching for files, and remembering to track flights. It is also available on Android and Xbox One consoles.

2. Improved built-in security
Some have said that Windows 10 is Microsoft's most stable and secure operating system. The improved security patch in Windows 10 includes Windows Hello, Defender, and Firewall.

With Windows Hello, you can now log in to your PC much faster and more securely by using the camera or a fingerprint reader. Like other Windows apps, this feature can also work seamlessly with Dropbox.

Windows Defender is a brand new feature that will protect your PC from various types of threats from viruses and malware. It will also scan the files that you access before opening them.

Windows Firewall prevents hackers from accessing your PC. It also enforces a protective barrier between the system and the outside world.

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3. Better gaming
Windows 10 was designed to be the gaming platform of choice for gamers. From the support for DirectX 12 to the new ways to play across devices, it has plenty of features that cater to the needs of gamers.

DirectX 12 games can now be played seamlessly on Windows 10. By using DirectX 12, the games benefit from the full capabilities of your PC's video hardware.

Microsoft's Xbox Play Anywhere allows players to play their Xbox One and Windows PC games at no additional cost. No matter where you are, you'll still have access to all of your saved games and achievements.

Windows 10 also supports streaming gameplay with its built-in Game Bar. Just hit the Game Bar and start streaming.

If you're sick of Microsoft accidentally disrupting or even bricking your system through its updates and you don't think Windows 10 is for you, you can alternatively join the techno-geeks and switch to Linux instead (where you can still securely run Windows 7/8 as a VM if that's your wish — ironically). For beginners, try simple distributions such as the Ubuntu or Linux Mint.


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