Bandung Artspace C on Temporary collaborates with Wormhole showcasing 20 personalized Vans Sneakers in "Salone Del Sneaker" exhibition.


Bandung art space C on Temporary is collaborating with the sneakers marketplace Wormhole for the exhibition titled “Salone del Sneakers,” showcasing 20 customized Vans sneakers by local artists. 

The artists included in this showcase are Amenkcoy, Ardi Gunawan, Argya Dhyaksa, Arum Dayu, Fandy Susanto, Feransis, Iabadou Piko, Iwan Effendi, Luqi Lukman, MasIto, Meliantha Muliawan, Mirfak Prabowo, PL, Rega Ayundya, Ruth Marbun, R. Yuki Argiardi, Salvius Alvin, Wisnu Auri, Ykha Amelz and Yudha Kusuma Putera. 

Through this project, Wormhole said that they would like to celebrate creative expression in a form of art, collaborating with Vans for this project as Worm is one of Van’s authorized dealers in Indonesia. “At the beginning of this project, we wanted to explore the world of collectibles, both within the sneaker culture and contemporary art as they share the same levels of appreciation and passion in collecting,” said Artati, spokesperson for C on Temporary. 

Artati further explained that the project is more about bringing together two different types of crowds that would discuss why they collect rather than mere sales. As the exhibition provides them a platform to meet and such discussion could appear organically. 

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The artists and their arts

The design of the sneakers emphasizes the collectability aspect, such as Masito’s “Northern Beggar Shuu” which is displayed in a glass-covered wooden box, or Argya Dhyaksa’s “Ketempelan Setan Budeg” that is attentively decorated with ceramic parts. 

In terms of the design, each sneaker represents the different perspectives and artistic tastes of the featured artists in dealing with unusual mediums such as painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, installation and paper. 

Some artists also showcase their versatility in different art mediums like R Yuki Agriardi and Salvius Alvin, who are more familiar with 2D mediums such as working and painting on papers taking a turn to sculptures like “Storky’s Sneakers” and “Never Easy.”

Amazing problem-solving skills are presented in some of the artists’ works, such as Feransis’ “Mango Sticky Shoes.” He usually works with paper cut-outs, which would not stick well if pasted directly on sneakers. Therefore, he substitutes paper with handkerchief cut-outs for this project. 

Visitors will be able to read the artists’ experiences through captions provided. Stories like how Ykha Amelz overcame agoraphobia while creating her piece “Pink Bara Bara” or Yudha Kusuma Putera’s research of Paul Van Doren working experience to design “History and Identity.”

“We hope that this method of presenting provides visitors an intimate experience in recognizing the level of detail and research that goes into an artist's work,” Artati stated. 

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