Navigating Power, Family, and Intrigue: The Millennial Appeal of HBO's Hit Series 'Succession


In 2018, HBO introduced viewers to the opulent world of the Roy family, captivating audiences with the dysfunctional family dynamics of "Succession." Recently lauded with four Golden Globes, the show has become a cultural phenomenon. For those unfamiliar with the series or even avid fans seeking more insight, we've compiled some intriguing tidbits about "Succession."

Real-Life Inspirations:
The genesis of "Succession" can be traced back to a screenplay about the Murdoch family written by creator Jesse Armstrong. While the characters aren't based on real individuals, Armstrong drew inspiration from powerful families like the Redstones, Murdochs, and Hearsts to capture the unique dynamics within influential households.

Power Duo Producers:
The dynamic duo of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell, known for their collaborative efforts on projects such as "Anchorman" and "The Big Short," produced "Succession" together, bringing their comedic prowess to the forefront.

British Comedy Roots:
Jesse Armstrong, the show's creator, has a background in comedy, having co-created the British cult favorite "Peep Show." This explains the unexpected humor that often punctuates the dramatic storyline.

New York City Setting:
"Succession" is filmed in the heart of New York City, with a focus on authentic locations that contribute to the show's realism. Notably, Logan Roy's ostentatious NYC apartment is situated on Billionaires' Row.

Set Secrets:
While the exterior of Logan Roy's apartment showcases the iconic Fifth Avenue, the interior is a meticulously crafted set in Long Island City's Silvercup Studios. The luxurious decor was sourced from high-end antique stores in Connecticut.

One World Trade Center Connection:
The fictional Waystar Royco offices are located in the One World Trade Center. Although some scenes were shot in vacant spaces within the tower, the majority of the filming took place on a soundstage.

Improv in Drama:
Surprisingly, a significant portion of the show's dialogue is improvised. Creator Jesse Armstrong believes this approach enhances the comedic aspect of the series, adding a unique dimension to the drama.

Real-Life Mergers:
The drama extends beyond the screen, as HBO's parent company, Time Warner, underwent a real-life media merger with AT&T after the first season—a parallel to the corporate intrigue depicted in the show.

International Cast:
Actress Sarah Snook, who plays Shiv Roy, hails from Australia, while Hiam Abbass, portraying Logan Roy's third wife, makes her major TV debut on "Succession."

Global Filming Locations:
Shiv's grand wedding, a pivotal moment in the series, was shot in the picturesque Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, England, providing a real-life fairy-tale backdrop.

Accents and Nominations:
Matthew Macfadyen, renowned for his portrayal of Mr. Darcy, embraced his first American role as Shiv's Midwestern fiancé, Tom. Meanwhile, Kieran Culkin's exceptional performance earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Series.

As "Succession" continues to dominate conversations, these behind-the-scenes revelations add an extra layer of intrigue to the acclaimed HBO series.

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