"It's my dream, Mas, not hers!"


A new fever is spreading across Indonesia. Worry not, however — the endemic is not caused by an actual disease but rather "Layangan Putus", a series that has been hailed as a refreshing breakthrough in the Indonesian film industry.

"Layangan Putus" started from a viral post on Facebook in 2019, which has now been deleted. The post was adapted into a novel in 2020 and later made into a series starring Putri Marino, Reza Rahadian, and Anya Geraldine in 2021.

Produced by MD Entertainment and directed by Benni Setiawan, the web series premiered on November 26, 2021, on WeTV and Iflix. Its 10 episodes premiered daily every 6 p.m local time. For previous premieres, new WeTV subscribers are eligible for the VIP price promo of only Rp 15,000 for the first month.

WeTV is a relatively new streaming service that mainly provides Asian series for free. Its primary audience comes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

One of its unique features is the flying comments that hover over the top of the screen, passing on top of the content itself. In addition to desktop viewing, WeTV mobile application is also available for Android from Google Play and iOS from App Store.

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The original story
Due to the popularity of the film series, the original post by Mommy Asf, the writer who started it all, has resurfaced.

It is said that the writer is a housewife who has five children from marriage with her husband, an owner of an Islamic education channel on YouTube. "I believe that my husband will not have an affair with the opposite sex who is not his mahram," she wrote.

However, on February 12, 2018, the husband, as well as his passport, went missing. Mommy Asf previously thought her husband had gone to join a Jihad movement in the Middle East. However, he later returned after 12 days.

"My husband looked more handsome, fragrant, and neat," wrote Mommy Asf. She kept asking about his whereabouts, but the husband kept avoiding. Finally, Mommy Asr braced herself to check her husband's cellphone while the owner was taking a shower.

"My heart broke when I saw the intimate photo of my husband with another woman," she said. "It turned out that the woman was my husband's other wife, whom he recently married 'siri' (unofficially). His 12-day trip was for a honeymoon to Cappadocia (Turkey), my dream place that I wanted to visit with my husband, but he left with another woman."

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The difference with the current series
One notable difference is that the mistress is not named in the book. She, a known Instagram celebrity, was only referred to as "the Woman". In the film adaptation, the Woman is a psychologist named Lydia.

The book also narrated that The Woman once sent an apology. However, Kinan, the name Mommy Asf bestowed upon the main protagonist, felt it was ambiguous.

"I'm so sorry for what happened to us. I'm so sorry for everything I've done to you," said the Woman. "I've learned a lot since that day. We lacked patience, lacked manners, so we became a grudge in your heart... again, sorry."

After Kinan's writing went viral on social media, the Woman didn't accept it and called it mere fiction. She also wrote several other clarifications.

"You spent years learning about life and religion from Aris (the name of the husband). I will also spend the rest of my life studying and serving him. But starting from this second, the father of ASF has his reputation destroyed," the Woman wrote, alleging that Kinan's story was lacking in context.

The Woman also indicated that there was a reason behind the husband's actions and advised the original poster to "write down things that are useful in the afterlife, not otherwise".



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