Cast, release date, sneak peeks, and more on the upcoming The Lost City starring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, and Brad Pitt.


Four of Hollywood's biggest names are teaming up for the first time in the 2022 film "The Lost City". Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, and even Brad Pitt star in the upcoming film formerly known as The Lost City of D. 

The first trailer for the film dropped in December 2021 and it already has 18 million views on YouTube. From the cast, plot, and release date, here is everything we know about "The Lost City".

Cast and release date of The Lost City
The Lost City will be released in Indonesian theatres on March 23, 2022, by UIP Movies Indonesia. The Lost City has had its world premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival in the US on March 12. The movie will have an exclusive theatre release without any streaming service available initially. 

Sandra Bullock, an oscar-winning actress will star as Loretta Sage, a best-selling romance novelist, and protagonist. Another protagonist is Channing Tatum from "21 Jump Street" who will role as Alan Caprison, a cover model for Loretta’s novel The Lost City of D. 

Meanwhile, Harry Potter's alum, Daniel Radcliffe, takes an evil turn as Fairfax. He is a billionaire and criminal who later kidnaps Loretta in order to find the Lost City. Da’Vine Joy Randolph roles as Loretta’s publicist, Beth. Patti Harrison is Alan’s sister, Pratt Caprison. Oscar Nuñez, Raymond Lee, and Saturday Night Live star, Bowen Yang, all take roles in the movie. 

Additionally, Brad Pitt will be making an epic cameo appearance as a CIA agent who later rescues Loretta and Alan, as seen in the trailer. The "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" star shares the same hairstylist Janine Thompson with Sandra. Apparently, reports have it that Janine convinced Sandra to join Brad in the film "Bullet Train" in exchange for Brad's appearance in "The Lost City".

Plot and video teaser of The Lost City
Although brilliant, Loretta is an introverted novel author. She spends her entire career writing about exotic places like what she wrote in her well-known romance-adventure novels, featuring a charming cover model, Alan. He has dedicated all his life to embodying a hero-like figure and character. 

During a book tour with Alan, Loretta is kidnapped by Fairfax. He hopes that Loretta would lead him to discover the lost city's treasure from her latest story. Alan, wanting to prove that he could be a hero in real life, sets off to rescue Loretta.  Thus, in the dangerous jungle, the two work together to survive. 

“Just pick it and fling it!” Loretta tells Alan when she was picking some linches from Alan's back. The latest trailer teased the epic twist and laughs to come. Obviously, this movie is not just another adventure movie.

For Channing, who has played in several comedic movies, it is expected that he will bring more of his funny character into this movie. However, to Sandra, the movie will be her first comedy film in four years. 

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