Monte Carlo Yachts offers the flagship model Skylounge with the best-in-class design.


In 2020, Monte Carlo Yachts (MCY) introduced the first Skylounge model. Comes with a cutting-edge design, this ship is offered to consumers who want a new sailing experience.

This month, the Italian shipbuilder introduced the flagship model of the Skylounge, named MCY 105 Skylounge. This 32-meter-long yacht raises the level of the Skylounge model with an Italian-style and character design. This style can be seen from the closed flyover design, making the ship more comprehensive than similar or larger cruise ships.

The length of the MCY 105 Skylounge may make anyone underestimate it. Still, this latest concept creates an ample and livable space on the ship. MCY offers various options for consumers to choose from, ranging from room design, placement of various ornaments to personal touches in the ship's corners. Spacious areas are offered on both the upper deck and the main deck featuring an enormous owner's cabin. At the same time, other accommodations are located on the lower deck.

MCY offers cruise ship designs oriented towards consumer needs even when the ship is made in the shipyard. Over the years, MCY has worked closely with owners from all over the world.


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"MCY 105 Skylounge is the result of a continuous exchange of knowledge, opinions, and experiences between the shipyard and the worldwide market", says Sergio Loiacono, MCY's Sales and Marketing Director.

"Customers reach out to us looking for solutions they can't find on the market. Sometimes, they want to be able to enjoy the yacht in a different way. These are great occasions for Monte Carlo Yachts to truly innovate and propose something completely new and unique. From this point of view, we feel lucky to have the chance to experiment at such a high level and we are pleased to know that our customers trust the shipyard's capability in offering unprecedented solutions," said Loiacono

The project to build this yacht results from MCY's collaboration with Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard, who have been longtime partners in designing the mega yacht. The design is made in detail, including the proportion and distribution of light entering the interior. From the outside, the shape represents a balance between the hull and the structure, giving the yacht an elegant look at the sea.

The MCY 105 Skylounge is the largest model in the MCY fleet. The covered flyover has  ​​more than 43 square meters, providing access to various ship services. Especially with the customization services between consumers that make this ship different from one another.


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"The additional volume offered by the enclosed flybridge owners provides with unmatched levels of freedom," said Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard, allowing them to customize the yacht according to their personal way of experiencing life at sea.

It is surprising that the whole area of ​​the main deck, or the flybridge, can be destined for uses never imagined before, freeing the creativity and fulfilling the owners' desires in terms of the intended use of the space.

It's still a matter of this iconic flyover; its designation can also adjust to needs. The bridge can be a place for dinner and turn the main deck into a beach club that offers a large area for family and friends.

The living area on the upper deck offers space for 360-degree views, including sky views through the transparent ceiling. The back terrace of the ship overlooks the sea, which provides a fantastic wide area to enjoy the scenery or just relax with the family without worrying about privacy.

The MCY 105 Skylounge fits the profile of Asian consumers who want a mega yacht that fits and meets their expectations. MCY meets the needs of consumers who wish to cruises that can be enjoyed in various weather conditions and even extreme climates. This latest model is scheduled to begin shipping to consumers in early summer 2022.


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