A Gastronomic Extravaganza: Harper Cikarang Welcomes the 29th AFF with The Tomahawk Experience


The much-anticipated Archipelago Food Festival (AFF) is making a grand return, and this time it's Harper Cikarang that takes the spotlight as the host. On Thursday, October 19, 2023, the 29th edition of AFF kicked off with a flourish, presenting a sumptuous feast under the theme 'The Tomahawk Experience: A Culinary Journey.' The event promised an evening of gastronomic delights, impeccable presentation, and a luxurious ambiance that captivated the senses.

Friska Utami, the General Manager of Harper Cikarang, expressed her pride in hosting the prestigious event, stating, “We are incredibly proud to host the 29th AFF. We are committed to presenting the best dinner experience. The exclusive dinner menu for this occasion features the exquisite Tomahawk, perfect for enjoying with colleagues, family, or partners. Additionally, there will be door prizes, including vouchers for stays at several Archipelago-owned hotels. We have been meticulously preparing for this event for approximately 1-2 months."

The 29th AFF saw the collaboration of 8 Executive Chefs, including Chef Windoe, the Corporate Executive Chef of Archipelago International; Chef Risman, the Corporate Pastry Chef of Archipelago International; Chef Sigit from Harper Cikarang; Chef Febry from ASTON Pasteur; Chef Hadi from Harper MT. Haryono; Chef Faiz from ASTON Cilegon; Chef Guntur from favehotel Glodok, and Chef Cipto from Harper Purwakarta. Chef Windoe highlighted the unique approach to this AFF, introducing special menus enjoyed with the concept of Set Menu or Family Style, deviating from the usual buffet style.

Tomahawk Beef took center stage among the special dishes served at the festival. Alongside the Tomahawk, a delectable array of dishes, including Assorted Bread, Nibble, Roasted Sisig Bone Marrow, Pomelo Salad, Corn & Lemongrass Soup, Padang Style Prawn Scampi, Beef Brisket Ras El Hanout, Lime Sorbet, and desserts like Raspberry Mousse, Banoffee, and Mango, delighted the palates of the attendees. The festival also offered a diverse selection of beverages, including wine, beer, and an assortment of juices.

Winston Hanes, the Vice President of Operations at Archipelago International, expressed his excitement, saying, “We are more than happy to welcome our distinguished guests to enjoy the exclusive dinner; The Tomahawk Experience: A Culinary Journey at our 29th Archipelago Food Festival at Harper Cikarang. Today's AFF is the second time served with a set menu and family style. We would like to present to our beloved guests a wide range of delicacies prepared by our talented chefs and share with them the next level of our gastronomic experience."

Beyond culinary excellence, the organization of the Archipelago Food Festival at Harper Cikarang aims to boost the recognition of Harper Cikarang among the public, particularly for its exceptional culinary offerings. The event also seeks to support tourism and contribute to the development of the culinary industry in Bekasi, with a focus on the city of Cikarang and its surrounding areas.

For those seeking more information about the Archipelago Food Festival, visit and follow @archipelagointernational on Instagram.

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