Useful tips to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance while being a digital nomad.


I can’t say the pandemic has over, but it is slowly disappearing. After we are forced to adjust to a new habit, like working from home, this new habit seems to continue in our daily life.

Work-from-home drives us to know a new term, it’s a digital nomad. I already wrote about what digital nomad is, and you can read my previous article related on this link.

I can say that being a digital nomad is what I am doing now. I can work anywhere without the rules that bind me, as long as I have a strong and stable internet connection. At a glance, it is kind of job that most people are dreaming about. But, honestly, being a digital nomad is not easy as I imagine.

Being a digital nomad come with many surprises, hard work, and tough realizations that were completely unexpected. Sometimes it forced me into a harsh reality that I was not ready to deal with.

Work-life balance is more important these days than it has ever been, especially as many of us are now working from home. For digital nomads, striking the ideal balance between work and play (or work and rest) can be challenging.

However, after nearly five years of working remotely, I’ve got much better in managing my digital nomad lifestyle. These are my useful tips to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance, no matter where you are now.

One hour for work, one hour to relax

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Actually, I got this idea from my practice to learn the IELTS test. The IELTS test teaches me how to manage my time accurately because you have a limited time. Sitting on my desk for a whole day makes me frustrated. I become less of stretching and makes me gain weight.

So, I come up with an idea to focus on kne hour working, and one one hour doing relaxation. Relaxation could be anything that can release your stress. For me, I can get back my spirit after doing some domestic jobs, like washing clothes with my hands and drying clothes (thank God!).

As much as possible, I don’t do screen time in my relaxing time. I suggest doing activities that allows you to move your body, it could be dancing, cooking, or any kind of activities that you like. 

Finding the best time when you can stay focus 

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For me, the best time that allows me to focus on my job is in the early morning. If I don’t start my first job in the morning, believe it or not, it will destroy my mood. Do the most difficult job in your own best time that you really can focus on. But, you need to know that there is research that reveals the best time to do the most difficult job is in the morning.

But again, it depends on you. I have a friend that can extra focus on doing the job in the night time. Well, as he is a graphic designer, perhaps on that time he can get many inspirations.

Making a checklist before you sleep is needed

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It always workes on me. Before sleeping, I used to write what will I need to be done tomorrow. It allows me to stick to my goals on that day. Even for the break time, I also write it down to the list. My day become more organized with this to-do list. 

Weekdays are just for work, and the weekend is the YOLO time

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The most distracting when you are a digital nomad is being lazy in the time that it is not supposed to be lazy. So, I just create a daily routine just like an employee that works fulltime from 9 to 5. My husband, who is also working from home during a pandemic, often asks me to do grocery-shopping in the noon. I absolutely refuse it since it is my time to work. But, weekend or national public holiday, just do your YOLO moment. 

Being a digital nomad is very exciting. But if you do it without any plan you will not be succeed and your wallet might scream too because you earn very little due to your bad work pattern.


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