Reward your resident home cooks with the best kitchen utensils that they can use to further hone their skills.


Homemade meals are the "it" meals for many and home cooks play a big role in that perception. If your kitchen-dwelling parents or spouses or friends or partners in generals have a big occasion coming up, here are some gifts that might cheer up her day.

A Victorinox knife
This is one of the best and high-quality kitchen knife brands, which of course must really be chosen to complement cooking utensils in any kitchen. The kitchen knife is super sharp and durable, not easy to blunt even though it cuts the roughest surface. It might look pricy at first, but it's really profitable long-term investment.

Victorinox essentially became a company that specifically manufactures knives and is headquartered in Ibach, Switzerland. Founded in 1884, Victorinox is the only single supplier of multifunctional knives, which are not only pocket knives but also kitchen knives that are quite famous in the world. In addition, Victorinox also licenses its company logo for other products, such as traveling equipment, watches, and apparel.

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An Oxone hand blender
When compared to other brands of kitchen utensils or cooking utensils, Oxone turns out to always offer cooking utensils at a higher price but the quality of course leaves nothing to doubt for. Apart from being equipped with excellent features, the Oxone blender is also fairly durable in use and one of the most energy-efficient.

Oxone hand blenders usually have the function of a food processor and for chopper as well. Food choppers come in different styles and sizes, but they all have the same function: to chop, coarse or fine. Apart from being equipped with excellent features, the Oxone blender is also fairly durable in use and the most energy-efficient.

Often recommended on various review sites, the Oxone blender is also considered one of the best blender brands today. Recently, this brand also launched Oxone Fry Pan 30 Cm Diamond Coating which comes with four sophisticated layers.

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Dailycook Kentucky Express
This is the latest technological cooking utensil that has the function of pressure cooking, pressure frying, as well as a regular wok or wok. Dailycook uses quality materials, made of aluminum casting with 95% levels, has good and even heat propagation, and is able to produce perfectly cooked dishes and save gas fuel.

Kentucky Express is coated in a non-stick material that lasts a long time. Has 3 layers of non-stick Quantanium, contains titanium powder from American Whitford, and is scratch resistant. This product is the first cooking utensil in the world that is able to produce various fried dishes quickly with satisfying results. It only takes 7 minutes to fry the chicken without the need to go through the slow marinade process first. The cooking process is able to produce a crispy and juicy taste.

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