Feeling stuck this time of the year? Fret not, Romance Jumpstarter has compiled the best greetings for your beloved.


Romance Jumpstarters, a U.S. startup that helps men who struggle to express feelings of love, announced its 2022 list of the Top 10 things to write in a Valentine's Day card or letter for improving the chances of unleashing in one's lover a molten frenzy of passion.

The tried-and-true expressions "I love you" and "Will you be mine?" did not make the list, according to Romance Jumpstarters, which crafts downloadable, pre-written love letters for men who lack the time or skill to pen amorous missives of their own.

Taking the concept of the greeting card and reimagining it as a micro-romance novel, Romance Jumpstarters crafted a catalog of elegant pre-written love letters to go that range from sweet to sultry.

What should one write for Valentine?
In countdown order, here are some of the romantic excerpts adapted from Romance Jumpstarters to offer you the best hope of causing a sweetheart to swoon:

  1. Some words of encouragement: "I yearn for your kisses and tender embrace, even when you're at your absolute worst."
  2. For your nerdy lady: "No mere mortal could ever rival you. It is my vow to protect and defend you with my very life."
  3. For the spouse who complains, you need to praise her more: "I shall be silent on this no more — I proclaim myself hopelessly mesmerized by your intellect."
  4. For an ex or a lover in the break: "I've been wrong about so much; you, on the other hand, have been right about everything, which is why I pledge to listen more fervently to the rapturous sound of your voice."
  5. For a moody lover: "Your mood swings — no matter how dramatic — do nothing to diminish my intense, all-consuming delight in you."
  6. In case you've been a shy cat: "The reason I resist gazing into your eyes as much as you'd like is that they are the window of your soul — and to peer at your soul would invite the loss of my own, forever rendering me a helpless prisoner of your love."
  7. If you plan to propose in the near future: "You stir in me so much unquenchable love that I am tempted in my madness to ask your father's permission for the marriage."

Not that bold
For those who are not that bold, you can always go for a "My heart belongs to you today and always", or "You make me smile", or "You brighten my day", or even "You are everything to me, and I can't imagine life without you by my side".

The S Media favorite? It would be: "It's been said that you only truly fall in love once, but I don't believe it. Every time I see you, I fall in love all over again."

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