Bandung gives everything you want, from food hawkers, modern and youthful coffee shops or cafes, factory outlets, and high-end boutiques or natural tourism destinations.


Bandung has long been known as a culinary destination and shopping paradise in West Java. Tourists from nearby cities like Jakarta visit Bandung for a short getaway. Bandung gives everything you want, from food hawkers, modern and youthful coffee shops or cafes, factory outlets, and high-end boutiques or natural tourism destinations such as Lembang and Ciwidey. 

Now, Bandung has two tourist villages, where each of which has its uniqueness. If you plan to go to Bandung soon, try to visit there!

Cigadung tourism village

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The Bandung government introduced Cigadung tourist village in Cibeunying Kaler District, Bandung, West Java, as a new tourist destination. The City Mayor Oded M. Danial inaugurated the place today, November 24, 2020.

According to Oded, the village offers unique attractions in terms of creative works. “This is creative tourism. Cigadung focuses more on the culinary and fashion sector. There are lots of good batik,” he said on the site.

The local administration noted 64 business players in the tourist village, which garners about 2,000-4,000 visitors each month.

Other than batik, Cigadung tourist village offers its culinary specialties, namely Baso Wale, and rows of unique thematic coffee shops. For the cultural sector, it has Saung Cepot and Saung Kasep that present Sundanese handicrafts.

Oded said the city government planned to develop six more tourist villages to empower the local's creative products, ranging from culinary, fashion, and culture. Bandung has so far had two tourist villages in Braga and Cigadung.

“We plan to make eight tourist villages, and now there are only two. Braga tourist village offers cultural heritage,” Oded said (Tempo, 2020). 

Braga tourism village

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Braga is one of the legendary streets in Bandung. Since the colonial era, the area has been the center of everything from the economy, business, and tourism. Many things you can do here as we compile in our guide to Braga.

Braga is famous for the many historic buildings located in this area. Some of them are the Bank Indonesia building, Gas Negara Building, or the Majestic cinema. Another landmark building has changed functions, such as the first luxury car showroom in Bandung, Fuch En Rens, which has now been turned into a fast-food restaurant. We suggest you contact the Aleut community to make it easier for a historical building tour in Braga.

The shop, founded in 1943, sells a variety of traditional and modern handicrafts, such as wooden sculptures, silver handicrafts, wall hangers, puppets, and others. Not only from West Java, but this place also sells various souvenirs from Central Java, Kalimantan, Bali, and Sumbawa.

There are two museums located not far from Jalan Braga. The first is the Museum of the Asian-African Conference, where you can learn about the largest Asian and African nations conference at Gedung Merdeka. Second, you can learn the history of the army's struggle and the people of West Java at the Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi Museum (What's New in Indonesia, 2019).




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