Russian Embassy-sponsored Unity Songs Concert echoes the universal language of music, fostering international togetherness.


In a celebration of cultural unity and international harmony, the M. Turetsky Choir and Soprano, a musical ensemble hailing from Moscow, enchanted the audience at Soehanna Hall in Jakarta on Monday, November 6th, 2023. Comprising 8 male and 5 female vocalists, the group delivered a captivating performance that transcended language barriers, spreading the message of unity and togetherness through the universal language of music.

The repertoire of the M. Turetsky Choir and Soprano consisted of 24 songs sung in Russian, yet the energetic and emotive delivery of the soprano singers resonated with the diverse audience. The performance was a testament to the power of music to unite people, especially in a world facing increasing divisions.

Russian Ambassador Lyudmila Vorobieva expressed her gratitude, stating, "Firstly, I want to express my thanks. It was a truly fantastic performance. I believe everyone here today feels a sense of joy. We are very fortunate to have Turetsky Choir and Soprano here in Jakarta. I think the Unity Song is very meaningful, especially now, in a divided world. We can see unity in diversity."

The singers, including Katerina, highlighted the universality of music, emphasizing that it knows no boundaries. Katerina, a member of the group for eight years, stated, "Music is an international language. It comes from emotions, something from within, something that comes from the soul. That's why we don't worry about anything."

She praised the warmth of the Indonesian people, commending their kindness and constant smiles. Katerina expressed her delight in the audience joining in the singing, making it an unforgettable experience for the group. "Everyone sings with us, it's very enjoyable. Our audience is very warm and kind. This is our first time in Indonesia. A very valuable experience," she said.

Tamara, another member with 15 years in the group, emphasized that music connects not only languages but also continents. She shared the group's mission to unify hearts and even continents through the power of music. "We try to unite hearts and even continents with the help of music. If they don't understand the lyrics, they can feel our emotions from the deepest part of our hearts," Tamara concluded.

Having previously performed in Thailand, the M. Turetsky Choir and Soprano are set to continue their tour to Vietnam, Laos, and China, showcasing the ability of music to bridge cultural gaps and bring people together in the spirit of unity. The concert, with free admission, was a celebration of diversity and shared humanity, leaving a lasting impact on the audience in Jakarta.


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