Are you traveling to Singapore soon? If so, we recommend you to visit Clark Quay, and here are all of the things you can do and where to stay.


Known as an entertainment district in Singapore, Clarke Quay offers various interesting 24-hour attractions. From finding traces of Singapore's history and ancient civilization along the Singapore River, you can also find opera houses and entertainment from the modern-day facilities. 

Clarke Quay is actually taken from the name of the Governor of the Straits Settlements from 1824-1902 named Sir Andrew Clarke. Known as Cha Jung Tau from the Teochew language which means harbor for ships carrying firewood, the district also offers many photogenic views, including historical sites like old houses. 

Check out some of the recommendations of activities and where to stay in Clarke Quay. 

An array of hotels options
Most of the hotels in Clarke Quay are designed with a touch of the district's historical elements. It has a view of the Singapore River, MRT stations, and other tourist attractions. Here are some of the recommended hotels you can add to your list of options.

Swissôtel Merchant Court
The hotel is located at 20 Merchant Road which offers the Singapore River view. In the building, there is a large outdoor swimming pool that attracts family travelers. Another advantage of this hotel is that it offers children's rooms which come with child-friendly decorations specially decorated for them. 

Jayleen Clarke Quay Hotel
The neo-classical style hotel is right on the riverbank and is located at 25 New Bridge Road. There are many tourist attractions within a walking distance of this hotel. For example, Clark Quay Mall is just one minute away. Others are the Merlion Park and the Art House as well as the Asian Civilization Museum which are only 500 meters away. 

Hotel NuVe Elements
The boutique hotel is located at 41 Hong Kong Street which is only a three-minute walk from the Clark Quay MRT station. The main attraction of this hotel is its rooftop terrace with a jacuzzi.

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What to do in Clark Quay
In Clark Quay, you can enjoy panoramic views from the traditional wooden boat tour. In the 19th to 20th centuries, the boats, called "twakows" were used by market sellers to lift goods through various parts of Singapore. 

Now becoming a tourist boat, the tour transports its customer for 40 minutes along the Singapore River and allows them to see the iconic buildings of Singapore such as Merlion Status, Marina Bay Sands, and many others. 

The lights of the cities at night reflect on the river which makes photo-taking breath-taking. As mentioned before, Clarke Quay offers many iconic buildings. Check out these must-go iconic buildings. 

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Old Hill Street Police Station
Old Hill Street Police Station was once a police station, home of the very first police dormitory and prison in Singapore. The building is painted with rainbow colors. It was built in 1934 but is currently one of Clark Quay's most attractive tourist attractions. 

Civil Defence Heritage Gallery
Civil Defence Heritage Gallery is the red-and-white striped color building that characterizes this classic-style building in Clarke Quay. Formerly a fire station in the 1800s, the gallery showcases firefighting equipment.

Asian Civilisations Museum
See a collection of historical items from all around Asia in the Asian Civilisations Museum. The museum holds regular exhibitions and periodical exhibitions with various themes. Its diverse collections range from sculptures, cooking utensils, clothing, ceramics, and many others. Several activities organized by this museum can also be participated by tourists. The activities are such as collection viewing programs with augmented reality (AR) and virtual tours. 

Cavenagh Bridge
Singapore's aptly named Cavenagh Bridge is the only historic suspension bridge that stands strong until now since the 18th century. One of the oldest bridges in Singapore, the bridge is a crossing point for many people. In front of the bridge, there is a garden with bronze statues that recounts the story of traders and soldiers long ago. 

Courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board


Kelenteng Hong San See
Kelenteng Hong San See is a temple that holds intricate Chinese architecture and carvings. Attractive for its details, the whole building was built from 1908-to 1913. Hong San See was designated a national monument in 1978. In 2010, the temple became the first building to receive the Award of Excellence at the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation in Singapore. 

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