You might miss the MotoGP fun, but Mandalika still has more to offer. Hotels with epic views and other facilities are a choice if you are visiting Mandalika, especially if the place is close to the beach.


MotoGP 2022 was set to be held at Mandalika International Street Circuit, a paradise on the south coast of Lombok is an exciting destination. Following the Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE)-based health protocols on your flight to Lombok International Airport, you can travel to any hotels and other attraction places simply by hiring a cab or taking the bus.

After MotoGP, the place surely attracts the interest of many. If you are one of the visitors and completely clueless on where to stay, we have done the job for you. We have rounded up several recommended places to stay in Mandalika.

Origin Lombok

Located just 4,2 kilometers away from the circuit, Origin Lombok is a resort-type of stay at Sengkol Street, which is approximately a 13-minute walking distance. Encased by natural sceneries and lush trees, the hotel is a private destination if you are looking for peace and quiet after watching the event. The place is close to the beach and therefore, you can swim or surf, while enjoying the sunset by the end of the day.

Every room in the hotel is tropically-nuanced. Upon opening the hotel door, guests are able to see the view of the outdoor swimming pool. The hotel room rate is roughly around Rp 800,000 (USD 55.80) per night. 

Batatu Villas

Batatu Villas are villas with a location quite hidden from the crowd. Located around 5,1 kilometers from the circuit, this choice of stay provides several facilities including, an indoor swimming pool, WiFi, spacious parking lot, as well as in-room facilities like television, refrigerator, kitchen, microwave, personal bathrooms, and toiletries. Basically, your family can enjoy almost everything here. Aside from that, the great view makes it an activity for picture-taking.

The villa is located at Kuta. Room rates are offered from Rp 900,000 (USD 62.78) per night. The rates are also dependent on which website you order from and room size. 

Novotel Lombok Resort & Villas

Unlike other hotels, Novotel Lombok Resort & Villas chooses its theme from the traditional Sasak tribe. Sasak Tribe who originated from Lombok only spoke the language, Sasak. Consisted of many unique traditions like the "Kawin Culik", the hotel takes on its pride in its architectural design from the Sasak people. 

Located at Mandalika Resort Pantai Putri Nyale, the stay is only 4,6 kilometers away or an 11-minute walking distance from the circuit. Therefore, you can always take pictures of the famous Mandalika Circuit even if you have missed it. 

The villa also offers an array of room sizes from the personal room, Superior king or queen, family room, to its private Sasak Villa. The room rates range from Rp 740,000 (USD 51.62) to their highest value of Rp 2,400,000 (USD 167.40) per night. 

Sikara Lombok Hotel

Sikara Hotel is a contemporary-concept hotel with a touch of wooden decorations which gave its tropical feel. 

There are two types of rooms offered by this hotel, the Prime and the Supreme. The room rates of this hotel depend on which booking platform you ordered from, but it is priced from Rp 874,000 (USD 60.96) per night. 

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