Yogyakarta's 24-Hour Cafes: Fueling Student Life and Embracing Cultural Trends


Yogyakarta, renowned as a city of tourist attractions, has become a haven for coffee lovers with its array of fascinating spots, particularly the 24-hour cafes that are perfect for hanging out and getting work done.

Cafes are gaining popularity among students due to their proximity to campuses, comfortable ambiance, reliable internet connection, prayer rooms, toilets, and aesthetically pleasing interior concepts that make students feel at home.

Various interior concepts in cafes, such as providing books and creating Instagram-worthy settings, have turned these places into a phenomenon, commonly referred to as pop culture. Popular culture involves external cultural elements that interact and become trends among people, covering lifestyles, communication styles, self-concepts, and more.

Here are 5 recommended 24-hour cafes in Yogyakarta:

1. Lestari Corner

Located on Jalan Nangka, Krodan, Maguwoharjo, Lestari Corner offers a variety of hearty meals, including chicken porridge, chicken katsu, beef fried rice, and much more. The cafe provides an extensive selection of both coffee and non-coffee beverages at affordable prices, ranging from Rp15,000 to Rp35,000.

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2. 28 Coffee Branch Seturan

Situated on Jl. Seturan Raya Jalan Selokan Mataram No.A3, Kledokan, Caturtunggal, Depok, 28 Coffee Cabang Seturan provides comprehensive facilities for students, including WiFi, electrical outlets at every table, and toilets. The cafe offers a range of food and drinks, priced from Rp14,000 to Rp25,000, with both outdoor and indoor seating available.

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3. Silol Kopi & Eatery

Silol Coffee and Eatery, located on Jalan Suroto, Kotabaru, Yogyakarta, is a 24-hour cafe known for frequently featuring live music. The menu includes a variety of food and beverages, with food prices ranging from Rp15,000 to Rp175,000 and drink prices from Rp11,000 to Rp24,000.

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4. Loko Cafe

With its proximity to Malioboro, Loko Cafe attracts a bustling crowd. The comfortable atmosphere and captivating design contribute to its unique appeal. Loko Cafe is situated on Komp. Ps. Kembang, Jl. Ps. Kembang, Sosromenduran, Gedong Tengen, Kota Yogyakarta, D.I. Yogyakarta.

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5. Sebelas Coffee Branch Sapen

Located behind the UIN Sunan Kalijaga area, Sebelas Kopi Cabang Sapen offers a strategic location. The cafe provides comprehensive facilities, including indoor and outdoor spaces, numerous electrical outlets, spacious parking, and toilets. The diverse menu of coffee and non-coffee options ranges from Rp15,000 to Rp28,000. Sebelas Coffee Cabang Sapen is found on Jalan Bimo Kurdo Nomor 46, Demangan, Kapanewon Gondokusuman, Kota Yogyakarta.

These 24-hour cafes have become more than just places to grab a cup of coffee; they are now integral parts of Yogyakarta's vibrant culture, attracting students and locals alike to enjoy the perfect blend of coffee and camaraderie.

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