More than just a time teller, watches could also be viewed as social status or investment in life.


From Roger Federer to the dashing George Clooney, each has a watch sponsor that represents their style and character. 

But watches are more than just an accessory or a time teller, but also a symbol of social status. But it could be more, it could be part of your investment in life. 

To be specific, there are a lot of watch brands out there, but you need to pick it carefully and choose the right one to have the right investment piece. 

So let’s take a look at the 11 best watch investment pieces. 

Audemars Piguet: Royal Oak Jumbo, Reference 15202ST


‘Audemars that’s losing time, hidden behind all these big rocks’ that’s what Jay-Z rapped on the song N**gas in Paris featuring Kanye West. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo, Reference 15202ST is one of the best watches that you should invest in.  

The style of the Royal Oak Jumbo has a sporty look that resembles the brands’ iconic look. Gerald Genta who designed the watch clearly knew how to make the perfect watch. From LeBron James to Jay-Z, some of them have been seen wearing this sporty watch look. Currently, the watch retails at $27,600

 Patek Philippe: Steel Nautilus, Reference 5711


Patek Phillipe is known for its luxurious watches in the market. Even the royals have been sporting the watch. The Patek Philippe Steel Nautilus Reference 5711  that was designed by Gerald Genta is also another watch that people should invest in. 

Even Robert Downey Jr. has been spotted wearing one. Tim Starke the CEO of Chrono 24 once said "Certain watch models are more sought after than others, which is mainly due to the brand reputation of the Swiss brands in terms of their craftsmanship." The price of the watch in the retail market is $74,796

Omega Speedmaster “First Omega in Space”


The Omega watch is also another watch that is known for its movement. You could even spot Mr. George Clooney everywhere with his Omega (he is also the brand’s ambassador). The Omega Speedmaster is the first Omega launched to Space, yup, because the watch could withstand the strong pressure. And according to Chrono 24 CE, Tim Starke, the watch has a strong value, and currently, the watch retails at $5,300

Rolex: GMT, Reference 1675


The grace of a Rolex is never wrong, even Federer is always spotted wearing one. The class, style, and legacy of a Rolex have been around for centuries. And the GMT with reference 1675 is one of Rolex’s popular models. You could find them at the secondary market and the value goes crazy, and currently, their retail price point is at $16,000

If you are a fan of sporty watch look, you are surely not going to miss the Rolex GMT. Aside from its expensive price, Rolex is also very durable. And how to spot a fake Rolex, as Jay-Z said ‘Rollies don’t tic toc’. 

Rolex: Daytona, Reference 16520


The Rolex Daytona is one of its most popular watches. But the Rolex Daytona with reference to 16520 is a must have. It’s a sporty watch, with a classy silhouette, you could see the masculinity of the watch and its elegance at the same time. Though it might not be the same with Paul Newman’s Daytona you could own its similar silhouette with a price starting from $27,500. 

Rolex: Submariner, Reference 16800


It's a divers watch, it's not a secret anymore that Rolex is your go-to first watch ever in your life. If you could buy a Rolex, it means you’ve made it already. The next Rolex must-have is a Rolex Submariner with a reference of 16800. Nowadays it's very hard to find a Rolex, due to its quantity, but if you are lucky enough, save your money for a Submariner. Because the price is going crazy at the second market, you could get a Rolex at a price of $9,195

Patek Philippe: Nautilus, Reference 3700


These days, Patek Phillipe is really in demand on the market. When your bank account is enough to buy a Patek, Patek Philippe Nautilus with a reference of 3700 is a must-have.  The classic model is adored by the old and new generations, and you could get it at a price of $44,900

Longines Vintage Chronograph, circa 1940-1950s


Longines is one of the oldest watchmakers, and it's not a secret that Longines has one of the best movements in watch history. If you are a vintage watch lover, then owning a Longines Vintage Chronograph is a must and you could get it from a price point of $3,000. A chronograph watch is currently also on-demand, and from a price point of $ 3,000 it could be your first ever serious watch collection.


Omega Speedmaster, Reference 2998-2


Omega Speedmaster is also a must-have watch on the list. It does not scream fancy on your wrist, but it keeps a perfect timekeeper. You could get the Omega Speedmaster with a reference of 2998-2 as an alternative version of Omega Speedmaster that went to space with a price point of $37,500. If you are a watch lover, go buy it before it is off the market. 

Audemars Piguet: Royal Oak, Reference 5402


Another recommendation for watch collectors is Piguet's Royal Oak, Reference 5402, circa the 1970s, and designed by Gerald Genta. The AP’s silhouette is perfect for sports watch lovers. Aside, the Royal Oak with a reference of 5402 is the first series of Royal Oak, making it more special in the eyes of collectors. And its retail price is $124,660

Rolex: Gilt-dial Submariner, Reference 5513


Last but least, we are back with another Rolex. This time, Rolex Gilt-dial Submariner is totally recommended. It’s been dubbed as  "Bart Simpson" because its coronet is similar to the character’s head. But again, you could never go wrong with a Rolex. It’s classic, durable, and useful. Its’ currently retail with a price of $28,500. But again, you could always buy a second hand at a good price.


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