Changping's Vision: Pioneering the Future of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Innovation


The curtain rose on the highly anticipated 2023 International Forum on Life Science, held under the theme "Ignite Life for Future." Jointly organized by key entities such as the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Administrative Commission of Zhongguancun Science Park, the forum is a pivotal event aimed at fostering an open, global, market-oriented, and dynamic innovation ecosystem.

This year's forum, adopting the innovative "1+4+2+N" model, has seamlessly blended online and offline components, making it a never-ending life science experience. Notable features include the main forum, four themed panel sessions, a press conference, themed exhibition, and numerous supporting activities.

A Gala of Collaboration and Exchange

  • Focusing on the Frontier of Science and Technology:

Distinguished scientists and experts from around the world, including Xie Xiaoliang, Shi Hengning, Wang Lai, and Qiao Jie, lead discussions on the cutting-edge advancements in biotechnology and digital technology. Keynote speeches, themed discussions, and roundtable dialogues aim to promote the development of pharmaceutical and healthcare industries within the new global paradigm.

  • Promoting Industrial Projects Implementation:

Changping District showcased major industrial projects, attracting multinational pharmaceutical companies and commercializing original research achievements. The forum witnessed the signing of 12 significant industrial projects, solidifying partnerships and driving the growth of Changping's pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

  • Cultivating an Innovation Ecosystem:

Government officials, regulators, academia representatives, businesses, medical institutions, and investment institutions converged to discuss shared concerns. Topics included technological breakthroughs, R&D, clinical translation, financial empowerment, and regulatory science, fostering collaboration and innovation across sectors.

  • Improving Global Influence:

With global participation from Nobel Laureate Dr. Michael Levitt and Fortune Global 500 companies, the forum sought to enhance its international standing. Exhibitors like BeiGene, InnoCare, Wantai BioPharm, and Pins Medical showcased the event's global influence and adherence to international standards.


Building a World-Leading "Life Science Valley"
Changping District, the host of this year's forum, has strategically positioned itself as a hub for pharmaceutical and healthcare innovation. With strong support from the municipal and district governments, Changping has witnessed significant growth in its pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, reaching a scale close to 80 billion yuan in 2022.

Changping's Unique Advantages:

  • Innovation Hub: Home to over 10 high-level R&D institutions and more than 40 prestigious universities, Changping boasts a rich source of innovation.
  • Complete Service Ecosystem: Changping has systematically built key technology platforms and a service system covering the entire industry chain, facilitating the transition from R&D to industrialization.
  • Administrative Review and Approval Services: The Zhongguancun Life Science Park provides targeted services, including face-to-face administrative approval processes, supporting enterprises at every stage.
  • Thriving Enterprises: Changping hosts over 900 pharmaceutical and healthcare enterprises, including 269 high-tech enterprises, 133 specialized SMEs, 19 unicorns, and 18 listed enterprises.

Future Development Focus:
Changping plans to continue tracking technological innovations, improve the innovation ecosystem, and elevate its development level. Leveraging the opportunities presented by the forum, the district aims to build a pharmaceutical and healthcare industry cluster valued at least 100 billion yuan and become a Beijing model for global influence in the field.

The 2023 International Forum on Life Science ultimately stands as a beacon for global collaboration, innovation, and development in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, with Changping District leading the way towards a shared future of prosperity and progress.

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