From classic Sundanese cuisine, mouthwatering seafood, to authentic Balinese dishes, these are the go-to spots to spend your Iftar in Jakarta.


Have you started planning where to find the place for iftar together with friends and family? If so, there's nothing wrong with considering this place to eat in Jakarta as a destination for iftar. Not only because the menu has a lot of variety, but the dining area also has complete facilities, including a prayer room for those who want to perform the Maghrib prayer.

The atmosphere offered is also cozy because it has open space, beautiful views, and a pleasant atmosphere. These are the recommendation to choose an iftar place in Jakarta.

Telaga Sampireun Restaurant
Talaga Sampireun is the ideal location for a large family lunch because of its unique design and wonderful ambiance. The swish of the wind and the splash of water add to the fervor of the dining experience. Sundanese cuisine is available on the menu. As there are two restaurants in Jakarta, one in North Jakarta and the other in West Jakarta, this site offers a wide range of dining options and places to your liking

Bandar Djakarta Ancol
This special place to eat for seafood lovers is located in the Ancol tourist area. The location is on the beach, so you are guaranteed to get a wonderful sea atmosphere. The place is also spacious, which makes it suitable for an open destination with family or friends in Jakarta. When it comes to the menu, you can choose seafood dishes to your heart's content, ranging from squid, crab, shrimp, and many others.

Benhil Market
Benhil Market is next on the list, which is well-known for its many takjil dishes. Start with appetizers like sweets and compotes and work your way up to heavier foods like iftar meals and traditional snacks. This Benhil Market in the Sudirman – Thamrin area is a popular takjil hunting location.

Jimbaran Resto Ancol
Are you in the mood to spend your iftar with Balinese specialties? Just go to Ancol Jimbaran Resto and your craving will be fulfilled!. The place is a wide-open space, offers a view of the sea and the food menu is really tasty. What’s more, the price for each dish is relatively affordable. Ending your fast together at this place while in Jakarta will definitely make it feel like a vacation in Bali.

You no longer have to worry about deciding where to eat for cheap iftar in Jakarta with family or friends. There are many interesting places to visit in Jakarta to break the fast together. Which one piques your interest?

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