Here are the most fashionable local wooden watches.


Wooden watches may seem like an uncommon idea at first because of how anomalistic they are, but they’ve actually proven to be a great and practical concept. First introduced as a purely stylish choice, wood watches have proven to be a viable alternative to watches made from other materials such as metals or silicone.

The time piece’s internal mechanisms are not made out of wood – to function properly; they are made out of the same metal materials as regular watches. It’s the casing of the watch, as well the wristband, that’s made of wood.

You can easily find a wood watch that will go with your preferred clothing style, and if you make sure to buy a wood watch of a high enough quality, you can be surprised by its durability.

Many local brands now create these wooden watches. Here are the most sophisticated and fashionable wooden watches, proudly made by our locals.


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If you like wooden watches but consider a colorful and playful design, Woodka might suit you. This local brand from Bandung, and uses recycled wood, and the watch strap uses genuine leather with a mixture of woven fabrics. The design is too cute, and it’s water-resistant! Don’t worry if you are on a rainy day or get splashed with water when you wash your hands; it won't damage the machine. The price is around Rp1,000,000, but you can also buy the strap only for Rp150,000-250,000.


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This local brand from Yogyakarta claims as a pioneer of wooden watches in Indonesia with a modern concept. They use premium hardwood raw material combined with steel. The range of price start from Rp745,000-Rp1,000,000.

INA Watch

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INA Watch was founded in 2018. They use six local kinds of wood, like rosewood, teak, jackfruit, manga, and mind, which has characteristic color and fibers. The wood is a recycled product from waste around Central Java, and the straps are also made from traditional woven fabrics with a non-machine weaving process (ATBM). The price starts from Rp300,000.

Eboni Watch

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The design of Ebony is simple but chic. Rosewood and maple were chosen as their main materials that are proven for durability. Surprisingly, Ebony was born from Klaten, Central Java that uses an original Japanese quartz machine. You can custom your name on the dial, strap, back case, box, and greeting card if you think this is a special gift for your relatives. The price starts from Rp500,000.


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Matoa was established in 2011 with three local artisans from Ciwidey, Bandung, West Java. Alongside the development of this brand, now 32 craftsmen joined and took part in the production role. The price is around Rp1,000,000. 



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