Smart Solutions for Safer Tourism: Bali Embraces Technology to Monitor Foreign Visitors


The Ngurah Rai Special Class I Immigration Checkpoint Office in Bali is taking innovative steps to elevate the quality of the tourist experience on the Island of the Gods while ensuring that foreign nationals adhere to Indonesian laws. By optimally supervising foreigners through advanced technology, authorities aim to attract high-quality tourists to the region.

Sugito, Head of the TPI Ngurah Rai Special Class I Immigration Checkpoint Office, underscored the importance of efficient foreigner supervision during an event titled "Socialisation of Reporting Foreigners" held at the Mercure Bali Nusa Dua on Tuesday, September 19th, 2023. This initiative aims to encourage hoteliers, resort operators, and the general public to report the whereabouts and activities of foreigners staying or working within Indonesian territory using the "Aplikasi Pelaporan Orang Asing" (APOA), or the Foreigner Reporting Application.

"Approximately 17,000 to 18,000 foreigners visit Bali daily. To monitor them effectively, collaboration with various relevant agencies is essential, and APOA plays a vital role in achieving this," Sugito explained.

APOA, an application developed by the Directorate General of Immigration, streamlines the process of reporting foreign nationals' activities and whereabouts in Indonesia. This data-rich application enhances monitoring efforts conducted by Immigration officers and other stakeholders.

Sugito acknowledged that thanks to the cooperation between Immigration, the National Police, the Regional Government, and various stakeholders, very few violations committed by foreigners have garnered attention on social media. He also expressed gratitude to the Association of Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants and the Bali Villa Association for their contributions to reporting violations by foreigners through APOA. This collaboration has enabled swift action against foreign nationals found in violation of Indonesian laws.

APOA can be easily downloaded from the Playstore using the keyword "Foreigner Reporting." Alternatively, the public can access the application through the webpage if encountering any difficulties.

According to data from the Bali Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights until August 2023, 213 foreigners from 45 countries were deported. The largest number among them were 59 Russian nationals, followed by citizens of the United States (14), England (13), Australia (12), and Nigeria (9). In 2022, a total of 188 foreigners were deported from Bali.

On average, foreigners facing deportation had violated residence permits, evaded residence permit regulations, or committed criminal acts or violations of legal norms and rules in Indonesia.

This latest technological advancement underscores Bali's commitment to maintaining law and order while providing an exceptional experience for tourists on the Island of the Gods.

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