Uniting Key Sectors: BEX 2023's Holistic Approach to Industry Advancement


The Balikpapan Industrial Expo (BEX) 2023 is gearing up to be a groundbreaking event that promises to empower industries, foster innovation, and create sustainable business opportunities in the heart of Kalimantan. This annual international gathering, dedicated to the Oil & Gas, Maritime, Mining, and Energy sectors, is set to take place from November 1st to 3rd at the Balikpapan International Sports & Convention Centre (DOME), a strategic industrial hub in the region.

Organized by PT. Fireworks Indonesia, a part of Fireworks Trade Media Group, one of Asia's largest independently owned trade media companies, BEX 2023 aims to bring together industry stakeholders, facilitate the exchange of knowledge, and establish networks that can drive growth in these vital sectors.

The Highlights of BEX 2023

1. Oil & Gas and Mining Technology Seminar Space: Industry experts will lead seminars on the latest cutting-edge technologies in the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors. These seminars will provide invaluable insights into recent developments in these industries, offering participants a glimpse of the future.

2. International Conference Combining 3 Major Events: BEX 2023 amalgamates three significant events: the Indonesia Mining Equipment Expo, Indonesia Oil & Gas and Offshore Expo, and Indonesia Electric & Power Expo. This unique combination creates an unparalleled platform for participants to forge relationships with potential business partners and gain a holistic view of the industry.

A Diverse Array of Participants

BEX 2023 has attracted 98 participants from various countries, including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and China. These participants will showcase their latest products, ranging from safety equipment, heavy machinery, radio communication devices, weighing equipment, testing tools, and much more. With such diversity, BEX 2023 promises to be a melting pot of innovation and industry expertise.

The Anticipated Impact

BEX 2023 is expected to be a magnet for individuals and companies in the mining, oil & gas, and shipbuilding sectors. It goes beyond being a conventional exhibition; it serves as an ideal platform for knowledge sharing, partnership establishment, and access to sustainable business opportunities. In this collaborative atmosphere, participants can expand their professional networks, explore innovative ideas, and form collaborations that could help shape the future of these industries.

BEX 2023 is not just an ordinary event; it is an extraordinary opportunity to embrace sustainable growth and development in the mining, oil & gas, and shipbuilding sectors. Industry leaders, decision-makers, and professionals are encouraged to follow the path toward this bright future.

For those seeking more information about BEX 2023, you can contact the event organizers by phone at (+62-21) 5088 2917 or via email at Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of this transformative event that's set to empower industries, foster innovation, and create sustainable business opportunities in Kalimantan and beyond.


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