Bali's New Tourism Police Unit: Enhancing Safety and Smiles with Furry Companions


Bali's tourism landscape is about to get a furry boost as the island rolls out its new Tourism Police Civil Service Unit, accompanied by a squad of specially trained Kintamani Bali dogs. These delightful additions aim to enhance tourist experiences while promoting safety and respect for local customs.

With the official commencement of patrols, the 73 newly appointed officers are geared up to navigate Bali's busiest resorts and top attractions. Their mission: to assist tourists in need and educate them about the dos and don'ts of the island.

Excitement soared earlier this week among Bali enthusiasts as it was announced that the officers would be joined by five adorable Kintamani Bali dogs. These six-month-old pups, undergoing training for the past three months, are not just cute companions but integral members of the team. While not trained as K9 security dogs, they are primed to provide support in high-pressure situations and bring smiles to tourists' faces.

Dewa Nyoman Rai Dharmadi, Head of the Bali Province Satpol PP, expressed optimism about the unit's impact on curbing disruptive tourist behavior. "Resolving it completely is not yet possible, but minimizing the disruption of order, especially at tourist attractions," Dharmadi stated, emphasizing the collaborative effort between law enforcement and tourist administrators.

The deployment plan includes 42 officers assigned to Badung Regency and 31 to cover other tourist hotspots across the island. Equipped with fluency in English and a month-long language training program, these officers are well-prepared to provide guidance, maintain public order, and engage with tourists effectively.

"Our officers are here not just to enforce rules but to be guides," Dharmadi explained. "They can assist with directions, translate, and intervene if necessary to uphold local laws and cultural norms."

I Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara, Chief of Police of Badung Regency, underscored the unit's preventive role in socializing tourism-related rules and preserving Bali's rich heritage. "Their duties include facilitating tourist information, reprimanding violators, and promoting actions beneficial to Bali's customs and culture," Suryanegara elaborated.

Sporting ranger-inspired uniforms of white polo shirts or brown collared shirts paired with khaki shorts, officers aim to foster approachability and rapport with tourists. Their first day on patrol saw smiles all around as officers engaged with visitors, offering assistance and even posing for photos with their canine companions.

As Bali welcomes this innovative approach to tourism management, tourists can look forward to not only exploring the island's beauty but also experiencing the warmth and hospitality of its dedicated tourism police unit, complete with their adorable four-legged partners.

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