Cakes are delicious, but artisan cakes are as pleasing to the eyes as it is to the tongue. Check out our shortlist for the Jakarta area.


There is nothing better than a sweet piece of cake but its delicious taste is not the only factor determining a great cake. An amazing cake must be beautifully decorated too.

Most artisan cakes are not only delicious, but bakers would usually put more time and effort into decorating them perfect for special occasions. Try an artisan cake at these four bakeries in Jakarta below.

Surely Someday Kitchen
Surely Someday Kitchen is an online-based dessert shop serving gourmet cookies and cakes. The bakery is managed by a small team that is passionate about elevating tastes in simplicity. They aim to inspire and be inspired by the people who have enjoyed their cakes.

The shop gets its inspiration from the calm and soothing nature of Japan. They have black sesame cookies shaped like small pebbles and a moss garden cake to resemble Japanese landscapes. They also have Italian herbs cake and tea-infused cookies.

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Oh, Stef! Cakes
Oh, Stef! Cakes guarantees to serve you the special cake for special moments, including anniversaries, surprise birthday parties, graduations, etc. They will bake you homemade cakes with high-quality ingredients.

Oh, Stef! Cakes take huge pride in creating colorful and quirky cakes topped with creamy witty lines and unique personas. They recently released five new flavors for their base cakes which are double Chocolate (Best-Seller), Banana Nutella (Favorite), Lapis Surabaya, Tiramisu (non-alcohol), and Cheese.

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Exquise Patisserie
Exquise Patisserie is known for serving sophisticated European pastries. One of their best sellers includes a variety of croissants available either sweet or salty. They even have the trendy croffle, a waffled croissant. Their specialty cakes are their one-tier cake, with rounded edges at the top, glazed at the top till it glistens.

They have a lot of shops spread around Jakarta, including Menteng, Senopati, and Kelapa Gading, so don't miss out on the Exquise Patisserie in your neighborhood!

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Pico9 Lunchbox Cakes
Pico9 is a Korean bakery shop serving fresh cream lettering cakes. The story of the shop's opening is thanks to its founders who got bored while on lockdown in their house during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ulla and Febby started out by discovering the right recipe for the cake from August to October 2020 and finally concluded the best recipe with the best packaging for their cake.

The bakery serves cakes in many sizes including 9, 14, and 16 cm cakes, and they also have a two-tier cake. Their cakes are available in four flavors, vanilla, chocolate, banana, and Kopiko. They also have cake in a cup called cake-to-go, and a variety of chocolate chip cookies.

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