Providing a revolutionary design for a ship of its class.


The Cannes Yachting Festival provides new models in the premium class of boats. One of them is Bluegame which offers the latest model in the 72 foot or 22.7-meter boat class, the BG72.

This boat provides a somewhat revolutionary design for a ship of its class. The technique combines several elements that characterize the BG and BGX models, featuring a flybridge with an open-top deck and a BGX-inspired lower deck.

The BG72 was designed by Luca Santella Architects, who also designed the entire Bluegame model. The ship retains the BGX model engineered chassis with a high-performance hull, collaborating with naval architect Lou Codega.

The vessel is easy to use, which is also offered on the BG model, namely simplicity and easy manoeuvrability, comfort, safety during navigation and offers, for the first time on an open yacht, a cockpit with 360 degrees visibility.


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It is characterized by a windshield with reversed glass and the possibility of total closure, which ensures protection in adverse weather conditions or privacy in the crew's presence.

Bluegame has benefited from the fruitful collaboration of the Zuccon International Project, which has given great personality to both the profile and the interior and exterior spaces.

The outdoor area is arranged in three levels; a beach area close to the sea, a large living area with sunbeds or couches, integrated into the dining area, a spacious and flexible bow area, equipped on the main deck and, lastly, an easily accessible and pleasant sundeck.

The appearance presents a solid and futuristic shape that looks slim for the size of the ship in its class. The front shows a wide area to the back. There is space for the jet ski to be carried in the back.

The interior can be tailored to the owner's needs, depending on whether staying on board is in a friendlier or more personal way: saloons with direct access from the platform, as in the BGX, can be replaced by the owner's cabin, offering stunning views and the opportunity to wake up directly in contact with the sea. 

This ship can accommodate accommodation for several guests; about 16 beds are available inside. There are four bunk beds for the ship's crew members and captains, and the rest are luxury bedrooms for guests.

The lower deck shows an elegant design, including for VIP rooms and owners. There are three beds, three bathrooms and a bunk bed with a bathroom on this deck. The wardrobe and kitchen can also be found here.


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Regarding power, the ship's motor can go up to 30 knots or about 55 km per hour, depending on the weight of the passengers. There are two Volvo Penta motorcycles to choose from. There are IPS 1200 or IPS 1350 with 900 hp and 1,000 hp.

Prospective ship owners can choose materials that can be used on ships. There is an interior in Canaletto walnut wood combined with Bluegame leather and blue fabric.

The Sanlorenzo shipyard has proven itself to be building high-quality ships since 1958. The manufacturer offers several premium and limited models, made to order a few units per year. Each yacht is designed and constructed according to the demands and specifications, including the style and wishes of consumers.

If you are interested in this ship, just prepare funds of around €3,500,000. This is the initial price because the final price depends on the personalized demand that consumers want.

You can see BG72 for the first time at the Cannes Yachting Festival.


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